Like many other joints your hip can also suffer from wear and tear arthritis (osteoarthritis). Like other joints the hip joint also carries lots of weight. In fact it carries the maximum weight when we are sitting. Articular cartilage which is the smooth and glistening covering at the end of your bones may suffer from wear and tear.

About ten million US natives have been diagnosed to suffer from this disease. You are more likely to suffer from this disease if your parents also suffer from that. The risk is even more if you are elderly, obese and suffering from same injuries which put pressure on hip joint.

The problem is that even if you are particular of your diet and health, you are more likely to get it as it is hereditary so in such circumstances, it is more important to follow doctor’s orders and for better information, just look up hip flexors info online and consult patients who are grappling with it.


Your first sign can be a pain around thigh and buttock when you wake up in the morning. If you do not get the treatment for osteoarthritis then it might get worsen, until the rest cannot heal your pain? If the cartilage wears away the bones will directly rub against each other. This will really hurt you when you try to move. There can be build up of bone spurs at the end of the joints. You will find a great difficulty to rotate, flex and move your hip. If you become less active in order to relive pain, your muscles might get weak.Diagnosis:

Your doctor will do the complete check up about what is the progress of your disease. You will be asked to explain and give answers with respect to each symptom. He might ask you to move on one leg. The x-ray of both the hips can also be taken.


If you cannot reverse the pain of osteoarthritis then nonsurgical treatment can be a great help to you. However if your situation is severe then you will have to go through surgical treatment.

Employees who suffer the most:

This disease is very common among those whose work requires sitting for long hours. They are basically computer professionals, managers, bank employees and so on. These people suffer from back pain as well as hip osteoarthritis. You should take extra caution if you are in these fields.


You should always try to balance your weight. You will not be surprised to know that only 20% of the normal weight persons suffer from osteoarthritis as compared to 25% of overweight and 50% of obese persons. You can also opt for water exercise program like swimming. You can also go for physical and occupational therapy. There also a need to impart education about this disease to all commoners as well.

You will have to suffer many disadvantages if you suffer from this disease. Your motion will really be restricted much to your discomfort. Hence you should really take whatever precautions which must be taken to keep yourself away from this disease.