The Volcano Vaporizer is probably the best-known brand of vaporizer. It’s definitely at the top in terms of design quality and function; Since the best price you can find is over $500, it’s also the most expensive vaporizer you can buy. There are actually two models of the Volcano: the Classic and the Digital. The Classic is the more popular one; it has analog controls and costs $100 more. The Digital has a digital display for the temperature. The actual operation of either model is the same.

The build quality of the Volcano is undeniably top-notch – it’s made from the finest grade aluminum and precision-machined stainless steel. It’s manufactured exclusively by the German firm Storz and Bickel and uses patented technology. You will find out that this article can be the Homepage for your knowledge related to the dry vaporizers and how you can use it. There are so many online sellers of these vaporizers online but it is important for you choose a trusted and legal one so you do not get into any trouble. For many years, the Volcano was the only vape that Storz made, but in 2012 the company came out with a new model called the Plenty.

The Plenty resembles a power tool of some kind, like an electric drill you would at Sears. The company’s motto for this unit is “Effect, Purity, and Flavor” and judging by the reviews online, it seems to deliver. Users have commented that this vape is very potent and delivers quite a wallop. It has a long stainless steel whip which works effectively to cool down the vapor before it reaches your mouth.

The Plenty has a little accessory called a “liquid pad” which can be used to vaporize liquids or oils. One user compared the Plenty vaporizer to another new vape on the market, the VapeXhale Cloud:

I’m very happy with the PLENTY. It gives a comparable experience to the Cloud (yes, the vapour really is that smooth!) but it’s cheaper, there’s no glass bits (I’ve already broken my Cloud’s Hydratube), and it a bit more convenient. However its flavour-delivery isn’t quite as good as the cloud, and it’s not quite as efficient.

Product Features and Specifications (Volcano Classic):

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 inches; 5 pounds
  • Precise temperature control (either with an analog dial or digital control)
  • Vaporization temperature can be set between 40° and 230°C (104° and 446°F)
  • Three year warranty
  • Automatic switch off

In the decade that it’s been available, the Volcano vaporizer has continued to receive near-universal praise. It is described as easy-to-use, very reliable, and aesthetically pleasing. Users praise the design and function, and compliment the Volcano’s precise German engineering.

The Volcano is designed for in-home use – it’s important to find it a home base for the unit and all its various accessories. If you can afford to spend over five bills for it, you will see that the Volcano is truly the “Cadillac of vaporizers” – its solid construction and efficient function make it the best vaporizer. The best price can be found on Amazon: Volcano vaporizer.