This might be an interesting read as it pertains to an important topic that has seen many arguments and counter arguments but its significance is such that it cannot be overlooked even by the staunchest of critics.

Can anyone justify about the role of internet and how it has influenced many lives by acting as a sort of savior for people that were not very educated or hard pressed to find out about important news.

It is quite well known that media is the fourth pillar of democracy but over the years it has seen a fall in the eyes of its viewers and has become a puppet in the hands of corrupt politicians and dances to their tunes in exchange for writing and publishing news in their support while covering up their notorious activities.

Set Pattern

Given the above scenario, the common man is thankful to internet which has helped them research the truth by doing a simple Google search that would provide them information of everything that the media wants to hide and the social media revolution was the last nail in the coffin when malicious elements could no longer set the narrative as they perceived.

The credit for every household having internet access has to go to Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is a failsafe way of merging various internet connections together and paving way for a better platform where data can be sent, received and analyzed from a broader perspective without being partial to anyone.

Now this is a welcome change that one is fortunate to have witnessed in his lifetime because it allows various people to voice their different set of opinions and perceive it from another perspective that allows us to see it from a different point of view.

VPN is also responsible for containing internet traffic because there are innumerable families living in a single locality where people are surfing internet 24/7, which results in the speed getting drastically reduced as the connection becomes slow, leading to frustration, an impact of how depended we are on internet.

This network has become a cultural phenomenon all over the world which makes internet surfing an easy job because we are able to gain knowledge of new things and enhance it for the ones that we have limited information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important process through which you can search for relevant information by just typing the sub text in the opening, following which you will get a goldmine of articles related to the topic with different views from different people.

Clearing all Doubts

Despite all the praise being heaped upon VPN, it does have its fair share of critics who doubt its credibility even after experiencing it thoroughly because they feel that it might not be useful in rural locations and the internet speed reduces if the connection between private and public network is broken.

There are people who are skeptical of establishing a VPN connection in their house and the reasons are aplenty so we will not get into that. Instead, let’s look at some points regarding VPN and whether it is really worth spending money on.

The points are as follows:

  • Virtual Private Network is a device which you can connect to multiple devices like PC, laptop, tablet, to internet with the help of another system as it contains an encrypted signal that allows different users to send and receive data
  • People are also of the opinion that they don’t need VPN but that is true to a certain extent because it has access to relevant content where the user can use any location of his choice to connect with where you only takethecoupon and start out

  • VPN protects the privacy of its users by protecting their private information and preventing the Internet service provider from selling it to private and advertising agencies for the sake of money and this is scary to even imagine and is a big reason why they should install VPN immediately
  • There is a no logging policy that VPN strictly adheres to as the searched files and data are recorded in the internet traffic history and since one can’t log in, there is no chance of VPN selling it to anyone