Although strong in the signs Taurus and Libra and also, incidentally, exalted in Pisces, Venus will express its qualities in different ways depending on the sign and house in which it falls in the astrological chart.

Venus represents the receptive, passive or female principle and the following gives a general idea of how this planet brings out certain qualities of nature in relation to its placement in the signs.

Venus in Aries

Venus is detrimental in this sign. Aries energy can be impulsive and hasty and Venus here will show a tendency to fall in love very quickly but similarly a constant change of partners! This Casanova-type character will be a stimulating and entertaining companion.

Venus in Taurus

In its own sign, Venus will display such virtues as constant affection, strong love and tenderness along with a deep appreciation of beauty. Even so, a tendency towards possessiveness or jealousy may make close friends and partners feel stifled and over-protected.

Venus in Gemini

Combined with such Gemini qualities as flexibility, casualness, restlessness and a liking for variety, Venus in this sign indicates a changeable love nature. Indeed, if there is not a stronger more durable influence from one of the fixed signs, it could be that love affairs will lack any real depth of emotion.

Venus in Cancer

Home is where the heart is for the Cancerian and in this case the heart is in the sign Cancer. This suggests a strong domesticity making for a home-loving and family-orientated nature. Strong feelings will be showered upon the family and children.

Venus in Leo

In the fifth sign of the Zodiac (the sign associated with love, creativity, pleasure and an affinity with children) Venus in Leo will bring out these qualities to the full, making for a loyal, dependable partner and a good parent.

Venus in Virgo

Venus in this sign shows the likelihood of being able to enjoy a stable and generally long-lasting relationship. Even so, there’s the little problem of finding the partner with whom to share this lovely potential! Sometimes a too critical and demanding outlook towards others can cause problems in close associations.

Venus in Libra

In an air sign there is always the possibility of a few disappointments; falling in love with the thought of being in love, for instance. However, Venus is strong in Libra, bringing the possibility of a loving and lasting relationship eventually.

Venus in Scorpio

Scorpio is renowned for such associations as passion and intense involvements. Therefore, this combination of Venus in Scorpio suggests love-affairs of the most unforgettable and fulfilling kind. But jealousy could be a problem.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius makes for an adventuresome and freedom-loving nature. Because of this, commitment to a personal relationship may be left until late in life. Even then, a certain amount of personal independence must be retained to prevent the feeling of being too tied down.

Venus in Capricorn

Not the most demonstrative of natures, unless perhaps a strong influence from one of the fire signs is apparent. However this combination of Venus in Capricorn does make for a faithful, loyal and supportive partner in all aspects of life.

Venus in Aquarius

Aquarius is a humanitarian sign with an awareness of the merits of brotherhood and co-operation. Venus here will help express these qualities of understanding and companionship although a measure of personal independence will still be apparent. Through the login at the حظك اليوم, there will be lucky person entry in the life of the person. Proper knowledge will be provided about how to get romance in the life of the person. 

Venus in Pisces

The Water signs are the most intuitive and emotional. Venus in Pisces can be indicative of a sentimental nature. Flirtatious, friendly and fun-loving with a lot of affection to offer romantic partners.