Reaching a weight loss plateau is one I can identify with all too well. After exercising for about 3 months solid some people including myself found that I was no longer getting thinner and seemed to have reached a plateau where I was exercising and yes building muscle but no more weight was dropping off. This is discouraging even to seasoned exercise enthusiasts. All the counting calories, weight training and cardio pumping exercises stop making you drop anything but sweat. No longer are you dropping sizes in clothes and the scale doesn’t seem to move except for lack of food and then once you eat there it is again. It is frustrating to say the least and your weight loss exercise enthusiasm is plummeting.

I won’t pretend to be an expert on being able to get out of the slump completely but here are some helpful tricks to keep you from giving up altogether. The tricks will reduce the weight of the person including cosmetic hip implants and fat injections in the hips. Along with the injections, exercises will be effective for the person.

Rearrange your exercise routine. If you’re use to hitting the elliptical, do something different swim or lift weights for awhile, even brisk walks are better than giving up completely. If you continue to do the same exercises over and over again, your body gets use to it and then the exercise isn’t hard anymore. Try a few minutes of cardio work on a machine and then jump on another machine. Mix up your routine so you aren’t doing the same repetitive exercises and your body has to change up what muscles are being used.

A sport you enjoy is a great to change your routine. Sports like tennis and swimming work different muscle groups. Try laying off the gym for cardio in other ways such as jogging, riding a bike or some other exercise.

If you haven’t lifted weights try adding weight training, the more muscle mass a person has the more calories you will need to burn.

Sometimes it helps to increase your protein in your diet. Protein promotes strong lean muscle mass which is beneficial in burning fat. Protein also fills a person up better than most foods and this is a benefit when cutting calories.

Eating a lot of small portions throughout the day also helps keep your metabolism going. This is an extremely useful tip when trying to break the weight loss stand still.

Add resistance training before you kick into high intensity cardio. Therefore you will use up the glycogen stored up doing the weight training and when you jump into cardio your body will have to burn the fat stored up as a fuel source.

Stay hydrated. Water is good for anyone wanting to lose weight. Water cleanses the body of toxins and will make you less hungry. Add a flavor powder if you have to, I had to do that since I hate plain water. The generic water flavored powders are just as good as the brand name ones and cost a lot less.

Keep your weight loss exercising consistent, or to put it simply don’t give up and trust me I know how you will want to but don’t. Be committed to your exercise or weight loss goal and don’t get discouraged, no matter if anyone helps you or not. The important thing to remember is you can get through this and it maybe hard but don’t give up completely it takes commitment to lose the weight and reach whatever goal you set for yourself.