Body Building Info-Start making fitness or simply start to get in shape, in the same way, that when you start any new activity raises many questions because of your ignorance of this new environment.

Ideally, no make that road alone, but seek information or Tips on fitness, whether on the web, using known or family that they know more than us, or a more advanced, with the help of a professional form, either individually (personal trainer) or collective (gym, classes of any specific activity, Pilates, spinning, etc.).

By way of virtual assistance through, we will discuss some tips of interest, with respect to some of the points that must be known when you are a beginner in fitness:

  • Stretching

despite what was said in the past, it is not necessary to do muscle stretching before and after exercise. It has shown that do stretching before exercise reduces performance during physical activity, so it is advisable to do so once the routine of training and not before.

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  • The workouts should not exceed 60 minutes, because that exceeds that time is neither effective nor efficient, and in addition has unhealthy body consequences.
  • Appropriate clothing for fitness. This is one of the most important tips for fitness. It is very important that clothes used to do any exercise or fitness is adequate. It doesn’t matter that it is a very sophisticated brand. The fundamental thing is that he is comfortable clothing suitable for the discipline that we are working (is not the same to do Pilates to spinning or Kickboxing).
  • Program exercise routines based on your goals, but spend. It is too frequent to see how many people began to make very high goals and fitness with great enthusiasm and are discouraged by not reaching them. It’s to improve the habits and that takes time. Let’s go slowly and reach further.
  • Controls what you do through a registry. It is very interesting that notes the activities that you perform (be they fitness routines or just bike ride) and you can check, by checking the times and intensities, how you’re programming over time.
  • Give yourself some “holiday”: If, from time to time, you don’t feel motivated or excited, do not force too much on the subject. Sometimes it is best to give us a day of vacation and return to the goals the next day harder.

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  • Since you are starting to do something for your body through physical activity, think also slightly improve your nutrition. If the power supply is adequate, you provide much of your ability to make proper physical training. Healthy eating can be rich, as well as healthy.