Dating after divorce can be a perplexing process for those finding themselves single in mid-life. Follow these principles to turn the dating experience around.

Re-entering the dating scene after divorce can seem a bit like walking on a high wire. It is difficult and divorcees are never quite sure when they might make a fatal misstep and fall to the net below. There are several strategies those single again can follow to make sure they travel safely across that dating tight rope.

Dating After Divorce Begins With Self Discovery

Appearing needy or desperate at any point in the dating process is a turn off. Women typically appear this way by calling too early or too often, talking too much, dressing too revealingly, and simply working too hard. This can communicate a fear of loneliness and desperation. Instead, women who take time to know what is important to them and what they hope to avoid will be more discriminating about who they choose to spend time with. This communicates confidence, strength and self assurance.

Men can appear needy and desperate too. Contacting a woman three or four times on that dating site before she’s even had the chance to respond to his first email, calling repetitively in a single day, divulging everything he thinks and feels and all his past in the first email or date, talking constantly, over promoting himself and selling himself too hard, communicates insecurity and desperation.

People venturing out into the dating world after many years in a relationship must take time to figure out who they are and what they are about. Taking a personal inventory of goals, lifestyle priorities, what works and what won’t is an important first step. Dating is not about attracting someone just for the sake of attracting someone. It is about finding someone who is the best fit in terms of lifestyle temperament and connection. In order to recognize this fit when that person appears, those who are single again must do their homework and the homework begins with getting to know themselves.

Relax and Enjoy the Dating Process

Dating is a process. Every coffee date, dinner, phone conversation or email can be a wonderful opportunity to get to know another person. Focusing less on whether or not romance will bloom and paying attention to who the other person really is and what makes her tick takes the stress and tension out of many of those early interactions. Relax and enjoy getting to know the other person instead of worrying so much about what the future holds. No dating experience is ever wasted. If it doesn’t work out there is still something to learn from the process.

Singles and Divorcees Should Take Care of Themselves

It sounds trite but it is so true. When people date they can lose themselves. It is so much fun to be caught up in that moment, the romance, the emotion, the sexual tension, that it seems easy to compromise. It isn’t long before priorities shift, less time is spent on self care or other things one used to enjoy. Keeping a busy and full life in balance is difficult enough when a single person neglects that important “me time”, adding a relationship without balancing all the other priorities and interests that make up a unique life can spell disaster. It is okay to say no and take time for oneself.


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