Pokemon Go is one of the most wildly and globally loved games you will ever find. Did you notice how billions of people ran around haphazard searching for their favorite pokemon! Believe us as we were some of those billions! Lucky were the ones who got the most popular pokemon to catch! Over time, the game kept updating its quality and content and is now available with free boxes that can be yours! What are these boxes, and how can you get them? Let us find out!

What are these boxes, and how do you access them? 

The game was testing two new features, that is, the special incense and the daily box features. These features are now available to all the players, you can get running into the map and enjoy the game!

Whenever a daily in-game box is live, there occurs a red dot on the shop icon. You can go to the store and claim your daily free box. This box contains unique items each day such as poke balls. 

So what happens when you receive the special incense daily box? Professor willow will appear! He comes to explain to you everything related to it. With this feature, you will receive a special pokemon that appears in your location only. Let us tell you what is special about this incense box! The pokemon that you receive in this incense box is strictly visible to you alone! You can use him and train him for a day. Even if your friend or someone nearby your location looks on the map they will not be able to find this pokemon. 

How will you identify the special pokemon? 

The special Pokemon is surrounded by a bold white circle. Whenever you are searching for pokemon, you must have noticed that they are always inside three circular rings but your special pokemon will be in a bold white circle for you to identify immediately and capture it! 

Is there any way to buy or sell a pokemon-go account?

Are you looking to purchase or sell a pokemon-go account for a reasonable rate? Certain websites on the internet allow the sale and purchase of these accounts. You can visit these websites and initiate the pokemon go account selling process. These websites ensure that you get a quality account and maintain transparency so that nothing is hidden from the current user. The payments you made have safe and secure payment options. We understand that making online payments may not sound like a sensible option but rest assured as your payments are encrypted and remain secure. In addition to all these features, whenever you make the purchase or sales, you get instant delivery, that is, as soon as you buy the account or sell it, the details, as well as the payment, will immediately be transferred to the receiver on both the ends. 

So, why wait to play your favorite game? Download it and play it today!