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4 Photoshop Tips And Tricks For Beginners

While words can indeed work wonders when they are articulated in the right way, photos, on the other hand, have a more profound talent. We see that photos and words go hand in hand in portraying a wanted message. As it is often said, an image can say a thousand words. 

Due to the magnificent power of photos, it is important to become aware of simple tips and tricks that greatly enhance images. This is most especially true if you have a profession that requires you to communicate online through the use of images. 

Here are some Photoshop tips that you can start off with to build your skill:

  1. Transform

The transform tool lets you rotate, distort, flip, or change the size of your image. You can access the Transform tool as you click CTRL + T or click Edit on the Photoshop menu bar and then choose Transform. 

As you do so, a bounding box will appear on the edges of your image. This indicates that you can now resize the images. You can do so by clicking and dragging the small dots that appear on the edges of the bounding box. 

If you want to flip or rotate the image, you can activate the Transform tool through the methods that we just talked about then right click on the image. A few options for flipping and rotating the image will appear. Click the action that you want to take and then press Enter. 

You can distort the image by placing the cursor on whichever direction you want the image skew on. Do this right after you activated the Transform tool. To finalize the distortion, click Enter. 

  1. Magic Wand Tool

The magic wand tool is an excellent Photoshop device when you are working with images that have monotone or consistent backgrounds. 

People often use this tool when they want to switch the colors of a background or if there are huge blocks of color that they want to replace or remove. 

To use this tool, you simply need to click the Magic Wand tool and then select the part of the image that you want to collectively modify. 

If you want to remove the selection, simply press backspace or delete from your keyboard. Once you do, you can also replace it with other background colors. Simply click the bucket tool and then click your selection once again. 

  1. Magnetic Lasso Tool

This works sort of like the magic wand tool. The only difference is the additional flexibility you get with this one. 

The magnetic lasso tool is also an easy selection function that lets you trace and outline the part of the image that you want to edit. When you select a part of an image through the magnetic lasso tool what you are basically doing is separate this part of the image from the rest. 

This means if a particular part of the image is selected through the magnetic lasso tool, when you paint or erase something from your Photoshop canvas, this selected area will be the only that’s affected. No matter how many times you try to paint the other parts of your image, the result will not reflect on the canvas. This is most especially helpful when you are wanting to delete a section of the image without having to compromise the entirety of the photo. 

  1. Spot Healing Brush Tool

This tool is most useful for people who edits pictorial shots and mug shots for a living. You can also use it if you want to look gorgeous in your latest social media post. 

To access this tool, go to the tool bar and then select and long press the brush tool. Select Spot Healing Brush Tool. Right clicking your mouse will let you adjust the size of the brush. It would be best to keep the tool a bit bigger than the spot that you want to modify. 

Of course, there is a lot more tips and tricks that you’d need to learn to become a Photoshop master but practicing the four techniques indicated in this article is the first step into doing so. As soon as you master the ones we wrote here, you’ll be on your way to creating the most profound images. Go ahead and get your adobe photoshop download for mac now!

Computer Repair Service- Home or Business- Which is Better

If you have sound knowledge about any topic, then you are deemed as an expert in that field and if you have knowledge about multiple topics, you can guarantee that the entire world will eat out of your hands, thereby elevating you to the status of god.

In current times, parents hope that their children would become doctors, engineers, scientists, lawyers etc. to name a few but as these are the professions that are replete with corruption and so the idea has been discarded in most households.

However, there is one option that has little scope for corruption and that is the software/IT industry that has produced the likes of Bill Gates through Microsoft, Steve Jobs through Apple and Charles Babbage is termed as the ‘Father of Computer’.

Career Prospects

The software industry is one that is considered a safe haven for today’s generation as it means that you can rake in the moolah if you are employed with Microsoft or Google with a handsome $2 million dollar package in the United States or Germany.

What’s more, you will become a status symbol in the eyes of your friends and well wishers which most people equate to high level marks and top academic performances in school and college.

To clear the air, Bill Gates was a school dropout and today is one the richest man in the world purely on the basis of merit and he is just one example to prove that education and marks are hardly important if you have flair to think out of the box.

As far as career prospects are concerned, the world of computers is one that has a bright future for people but only if you have hard work and determination in you to succeed.

The Beginning

A good way to start is by gaining knowledge about computers and its erstwhile counterparts like laptop, tablet, smartphone (which is no less than a mini computer in current times), etc.

You also need to know about the repairing process where you can fix issues relating to hardware, software and malware which you can do so by attending online classes that concern the relevant subjects.

Regarding computer repairs, some people are also interested in knowing its benefits from a business point of view as they feel that it would be a worthy prospect with fruitful benefits in the near future.

Well, if you look at it, it is quite an offer as there are regular cases of laptop or PC repairs in large numbers which is how companies like HP, Compaq, Dell, etc. are thriving.

I always look for an Asus laptop repair near me because I need to regularly upgrade it for my office work where most of my colleagues are also its regular customers when it comes to computer or software repairing.

Computer Repair Services are ones that you can find all over the world and it entirely depends on you on whether you want to take it up as a business or a well paid job but take care to consult software experts before coming to a conclusion.

Alternative Gift Ideas for the Elderly

My Father’s 86th birthday is fast approaching. On our last phone call, he advised he needed nothing, and to just send a card. This seems a poor way to celebrate a parent’s birthday, but he honestly needs nothing. So what is a daughter to give a Dad who has everything? A lot of thought has gone into this, and I came up with five alternative gifts giving ideas for that elderly person who may be on your gift list.

1) Flowers are so ordinary. By the time you get to be 86, flowers or plants are something you’ve received over and over. Not much excitement in that gift. But I discovered that your local florist shop will make up almost any sort of gift basket you can imagine. Last year I told them my Father loves football and they put together a football basket, complete with a football balloon. In it, they placed a football coffee mug with hazelnut coffee, popcorn to eat while watching the game, some nuts to eat with a cut nutcracker and salami, and crackers. Living 400 miles away I did not get to see it in person but was emailed a picture. It was well worth the $30 I paid for it.

2) My Dad meets the ‘guys’ every Thursday for lunch. This has been a tradition for years. This year, I’m calling the restaurant where they meet every Thursday and leaving my credit card number to pay. It just happens that I know the shop owner so they were willing to do this. another alternative is to give a gift card for the restaurant, or better yet surprise the elderly person and show up in person. I know several relatives and elderly friends who have a weekly luncheon with friends. My Dad has no idea of his gift this year, so shhh!

3) My brother told me that he is going to give free help around the house as a present. While grown children might be expected to help out their elderly parents, painting the house for free is quite another idea. This might work for any major chore around the house, such as raking the yard or doing major house repairs. Put a note in the birthday card to surprise your elderly loved one or better yet, show up one day to cook lunch and advise the recipient what their gift will be for this year.

4) This summer, I will be home on my Mother’s birthday. I plan on cooking a wonderful meal for her. Now how I am going to do it without having her give me step by step directions is another issue. But I don’t believe she has ever had anyone cook her a great meal. Sure, we have made hamburger helper, but we are talking lasagna, a salad, and the whole works, complete with jazz music and candles for mood setting. I don’t think there is an elderly person who will turn down this idea.

5) For Christmas, I put together a scrapbook quilt for my Mother. I have actually seen these that you can purchase, but I made one myself. On the front of the quilt, I placed small plastic picture frames, that you can buy at any crafts store or at a scrape-booking store. I glued them on and placed lace trimming around the frame. She has zillions of pictures of her children everywhere, but the grandkid’s pictures are here and there, wherever she can find a place. So I created a grandma quilt. I”m not sure guys would enjoy this as much as they aren’t as nostalgic as us females. The hard part is getting my siblings to donate pictures. I am still working on that aspect of the gift.

Maybe this will give you a few alternative gift ideas for the elderly person in your life who has been blessed enough to have everything. Although besides all this, you can also gift toilet aids Australia to your loved ones as these toilet aids are really helpful for people of that age. After all, when you’ve lived for 86 years, there isn’t much left to buy that’s new!

Visitor’s Guide to Free Airport Shuttles in Las Vegas

Taking a taxi cab ride in Las Vegas can be expensive. But not to worry; there are quite a handful of free Las Vegas Airport Shuttles. Here is your guide to free airport shuttles so that you can save your money for the casinos.

  1. Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino 3700 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 252-7777 Guests at Rio will enjoy free shuttle rides from the airport, as well as to the Las Vegas Strip. Shuttles stop in the back of Harrah’s Casino by the side of the hotel’s registration desk. Look for the “Bus Departure” sign and hitch your ride to a great experience. Go online at for more information on shuttle schedule.
  2. The Mandalay Bay, Excalibur Hotel, and Luxor Las Vegas Free Shuttle: If you are lodging in any of these three hotels, which are by the way operated by the same ownership, you can enjoy a free tram ride to your hotel. The only downside is that if you are staying at the Luxor, which is sandwiched between the other two locales, you don’t enjoy the free ride when heading south to the Strip, but you can do so when heading north. The free tram picks up and drops off visitors from the Excalibur to Mandalay Bay, and occasionally at the Luxor as mentioned. Check with the front desk or guest check-in to be sure you get the right place for your ride. They have 24 hours free tram service. Generally, their shuttle service is like the car service from aspen to Denver, they are very reliable and they provide quality services to their clients. So if you want to avoid the hassle of looking for an on the spot shuttle or car service, make sure to book ahead of time.
  3. Howard Johnson Las Vegas Airport 5100 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 702) 798-2777 Howard Johnson is correctly situated close to the Las Vegas Convention Center and the close to the airport as well. Their free shuttle service will take you to and from the airport as well as to various locales on the Las Vegas Strip Internet access as well as cable televisions and kitchenette are some of the amenities to enjoy here. Check with hotel for hours of shuttle service, or visit them online at for more info
  4. La Quinta Inn-Airport 3970 Paradise Rd Las Vega, Nevada 702-796-9000 Enjoy free shuttle service from the airport to this local. Other amenities include free wireless Internet, free parking, fitness room, swimming pool, and many more to relax you and make your stay pleasant.
  5. Best Western McCarran Inn 4970 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 702) 798-5530 This Best Western location is close to the airport and offers free shuttle service. Go online at for more information.
  6. Hampton Inn Tropicana 4975 Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 948-8100 This Hampton Inn offers complimentary Vegas Strip and Airport shuttle services. There is also a new Hampton that will be opening soon and it is called Hampton Inn  amp; AMP: Suites by Hilton-McCarran Las Vegas Airport 6575 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 702) 647-8000. They too, will be offering free shuttle service to and from the airport.
  7. Doubletree Club Las Vegas Airport 7250 Pollock Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 948-4000 Enjoy many amenities including the free shuttle. French restaurants, free Internet service, and more are some of the amenities. Online info at

There are also many more shuttle services for a small fee starting at about $5 for one way. When going from the hotel to other areas by the Strip, you may want to keep your room key handy because some of the shuttle drivers would ask for it to verify you are a guest.

Do Stop Smoking Video Games Work?

All smokers seem to want to quit, at least in some part of their minds, and it seems as though every form of media possible has picked up on this fact. From DVDs to books and audio books, the variety of options for people that want to stop smoking is fairly staggering.

But one area that hasn’t been fully mined by stop smoking advocates has been the video game. Until recently, however–Allen Carr, inventor of one of the most famous stop smoking methods, released a video game for the Nintendo DS and iPhone which offers smokers the chance to quit while playing a series of video games. As a recent ex-smoker, this piqued my interest. I downloaded the game to see whether stop smoking video games could truly work.

  • Gameplay –

The game begins by prompting the player to enter in some information about himself, what you like to eat, how many cigarettes you smoke, etc. It also asks you to select a “coach,” although all of the coaches are the same, the image that the player is shown just changes. The coach reads you bits of Allen Carr’s book, and introduces you to the idea that you’re a nicotine addict. Once you’ve accepted this fact, you’re moved on to the “removing illusions” section of the game.

This section deals with the reasons for smoking, and logically disproves each one with the help of a cute minigame. By “cute”, I mean incredibly irritating, as many of the games have frustrating gameplay and need to be repeated multiple times until they’re passed. Though they’re annoying, they get the point across–in most cases, your assailant is a big, animated cigarette, and the games are always constructed with a relevant moral in mind. 

I was most frustrated when, after skimming some instructions at the end of the “illusions” part of the game, I accidentally indicated that I still believed nicotine gave me something–causing all of the games to start over. The actual design of this video game leaves a lot to be desired.

With that being said, I certainly didn’t want to smoke. Then again, I don’t smoke, so I realized that I needed a friend to truly test the game’s effects.

I loaned the game out to a friend of mine and visited him the next day. “Here,” he said, “this was the most annoying game I’ve ever played in my life.”

“Do you still want a cigarette or vape uk?” I asked.

“No,” he said, “I just want you to get that video game out of my house.”

The game has really something bad on it. I would agree with my friend that it is the worst video game that I have ever played. Part of it talks about smoking. 

I didn’t think it was really that bad, but it seems to accomplish its purpose, in any case–maybe the frustration’s part of Allen Carr’s game, or maybe it’s a poor video game with a well-written book to back it up. In any case, the inexpensive Allen Carr’s Easy Way video game is a good idea for smokers who just can’t seem to quit, and it proves that stop smoking video games may act on a certain level that’s valuable to stop smoking advocates. Give it a try. Just don’t expect it to sit next to Call of Duty or Halo on your game shelf.

Have you quit smoking with a stop smoking video game? Post in our comments section below.

The Job of Being an Accountant

Let’s face facts. the public perception of an accountant isn’t flattering. They are perceived as glorified bean counters performed by bespectacled people with no sense of humor who have no people skills who hide in their cubicles.

The truth of the matter is that this perception is far from the truth. The job is not really bean counting and not all accountants are boring and lack a sense of humor. Accounting actually requires people skills. It is a great stepping stone to launch into different areas such as becoming a director of a company. Some of the best company directors in the world have an accountancy background. A lot of accountants end up operating their own business in whatever industry interests them. Accountants have acquired great skills in how to run a profitable business.

Things have changed from the old days where there were no computers and windows software to perform accounting tasks. Tasks such as preparing the general ledger, trial balance and financial statements were performed manually. This was tiresome and boring. Now with the use of computers and accounting software, the accounting function is fully automated. Accountants now have the time to interact with other people within the company such as going through the financial accounts and budget forecasts with people from other divisions such as sales and marketing. Being an accountant requires a high level of skills and accountants are valued very highly from all companies of various sizes. An accountant becomes the heart and soul of the company as they get to understand the working mechanisms of a company. Various reviews can be studied through the person to know about the benefits of bookkeeper business beginning. A complete survey can be taken at the search engines to remove the confusion. According to this review, the business will not be regarded as a scam and substantial benefits will be there for increasing the money. 

As an accountant you can work in a government department, a commercial firm or in public practice in a CPA accounting firm. The choice is yours. Working in a large commercial firm allows you to start of in the finance division but once you have acquired the skills, you can move into another division such as sales and marketing. If you work in a large CPA accounting firm that has firms overseas, you can ask for a transfer to work in the overseas firm and gain more experience while experiencing a new culture. There is usually no shortage of demand for accountants in the US and overseas. And what’s more, the pay is usually very attractive.

So you can see now that being an accountant is not a boring and dull profession. The possibilities in what you can achieve are endless.

** Please note that the above is based on my personal experience only. It is my original work only. I’am by profession a fully qualified accountant and I have been a CPA for at least 20 years having worked for commercial firms and public practices. I now run my own small accounting practice.

Facebook: Can I Change My Profile Background?

One of the biggest differences between social networking sites Facebook and myspace is how quickly, easily, and often you can change everything about the way your Myspace profile works. Font sizes, colors, backgrounds, styles, everything in Myspace is moveable and customizable if you can find the right html code. Things are a lot stickier in the Facebook world, however.

In Facebook , every user has the standard white and blue profile background, and there is currently no application or controls provided by Facebook to make any changes to this. Facebook actually doesn’t even have anything in their help center on this topic. The idea behind not allowing users to easily change the appearance of the profile is to keep profiles looking clean and not muddied up. The obvious debate to this is why Facebook creators should have any say (or care) or clean or dirty your profile is. After all, if they’re not your friends they wouldn’t be seeing it very often anyway. But until the update that adds this feature (which may or may not be on the way), Facebook itself won’t help you change your background or font styles.

There are many websites and multiple third party apps that claim to offer this feature. Use these with extreme caution, and make sure to do your research on them before going ahead and installing just anything on your PC or profile. Some of the reviews I’ve seen show that you can successfully make changes, but once changes are made, they’re impossible to remove, or at least other users haven’t been able to figure it out. If this happens, your only remaining option if you really want to get rid of the changes and can’t find another way may be to create a new profile, read all your friends and pictures, so on, so on.

Some of the website versions will also install their own toolbars or other software/spyware to your computer, which can result in your PC having a lot more issues than you bargained for. For help removing this type of software, see my article ‘How to Remove Mal-ware with MBAM.’ The link is at the end of this article.Malware is the biggest drawback that can ruin the content effect of any social media platform and Facebook is no exception and any reputed web design agency Sydney would advice you the same that is to remove the software from the source so as to give your PC a free hand at functioning in a proper manner.

As long as Facebook doesn’t offer this feature, it’s up to users to figure out what’s safe for themselves. If you’re unsure, it can be better to be safe than sorry. Ask your friends if they’ve tried some of the apps or websites you’re looking at, and read the forums and discussions on them. If multiple people had major issues, it may be your best bet to find another option.

Everyone’s A Critic Contest: The Lovely Bones Review

In 2009, I welcomed my first child into the world. Before that, a story like “The Lovely Bones” would have been tough to take. Since I started watching my son grow up, this movie takes on a whole new meaning. “The Lovely Bones” completely devastated me when I first viewed it and remains strong long after that first viewing.

Adapted from the Alice Sebold novel, “The Lovely Bones” introduces us to Susie Salmon, a 14-year old girl, raped and murdered by a local man. Authorities don’t find the body, her murderer never captured, a crime left unsolved. Susie ends up in an “in-between world … the blue horizon between Heaven and Earth.” It is here she remains, watching as her family, as well as her murderer, attempt to deal with the mystery of her disappearance in their own ways.

It is not the special effects that make this movie. It is not the non-mystery of the murder that makes this movie worth watching. It is the effect the disappearance of a parent’s oldest child has on their psyche and the way each individual, from the younger sister to the grandmother to the handsome young man who liked her, deals with their loss. Gimli was quite mean to Haldir in the drama created through the author. The experience of the people will be interesting and entertaining after the watching of the drama with friends or relatives. . 

Saoirse Ronan, 15-years old at the time of the movie, delivers so much emotion with only her eyes and carries the difficult scenes like a pro. Director Peter Jackson makes strong use of her striking blue eyes and uses them to show an innocence lost, hopes and dreams dashed, and family left behind. Ronan is able to turn from the curious observations of an awkward teenager to the horror and fear of a scared child in the flick of a switch. Without the strong performance from Ronan, nothing about Susie’s story would have resonated as well.

Mark Wahlberg and Rachel Weisz are hit-and-miss through the movie but their characters represent the various ways a person deals with the loss of a loved one. While not as devastating as a movie like “Rabbit Hole,” the two performers still deliver solid performances as people dealing with loss in very different ways.

Wahlberg is at his strongest when he is most determined as Jack, the father who promises his daughter that one day all his model ships in bottles will be hers. It is a silly promise, but the love Jack has for his daughter hit me hardest when he finally breaks down and destroys everything they built together over the years. While Wahlberg starts the movie a bit awkwardly, he finishes strong and builds his character into someone you will readily follow as he searches for clues.

Rachel Weisz is harder to get behind as the mother Abigail. She has a difficult time accepting the death of her child, locking her emotions deep inside. Weisz has a complicated role to play and the script makes her character the hardest to sympathize with. She has two other children yet shuts them out because her oldest is gone. It is horrible, yet realistic, and Weisz is given limited time to reveal why she chooses her actions. It is a problem with the script, not the actress, but is a stumbling block that threatens the movie as a whole.

Cinematography Andrew Lesnie aids in the darkness of “The Lovely Bones,” a story occurring in 1973, stretching over the years following Susie’s death. Lesnie uses the same technique that David Fincher utilized in “Zodiac.” He uses coloring techniques to make the movie look dated, as if shot in the same era the story takes place in. The film is dull and muted at points, making the shots look more realistic than most recent period pieces.

This brings me to the best addition to the film – Stanley Tucci as the child murderer, Mr. Harvey. Tucci plays Mr. Harvey as a lonely, quiet man. He builds dollhouses and routinely stands at the window of his house, watching children pass his home. He could be anyone, anywhere, at any time and is a real life monster, one that can live in your neighborhood or mine. He puts on a mask for the adults around him and then, with the flick of a switch, becomes deadly and dangerous. He is the scariest of monsters and Tucci not only brings Mr. Harvey to life but does it in a way erasing Stanley Tucci, the actor, from my mind. He is unrecognizable throughout the film and delivers one of the strongest performances I have seen in a long time.

When the movie ends, it is with the lesson that time takes care of its own mistakes. There are a number of ways this story could have ended and I understand some people may want to see the family get vengeance on the man who killed their little girl. That is not what “The Lovely Bones” is about and, if it were, I don’t think it would have resonated as strongly as it did with me. This story is about the healing process of people damaged by a tragic loss and about how the strong can persevere in the face of adversity. Don’t go into this movie looking for a mystery or an adventure tale. This movie is a strong film about a very scary topic and Peter Jackson uses these themes to create his most mature film since “Heavenly Creatures.”

How to Use a Router

A router is basically a device that can connect multiple computers to a network. This means that multiple computers in your house can be connected to the Internet without your computer being connected through wires to a box. Routers such as the tp-link ac1200 manual make it easier for people to access the Internet because now their network signal can be transmitted wirelessly to multiple computers throughout their house.

The first step to creating a wireless network is, of course, buying a router. I personally recommend that you buy a router from either Newegg or Tigerdirect online because they have the cheapest prices on the Internet. There are basically two different kinds of routers Wireless-G and Wireless-N. To make this as simple as possible G type routers transmit data (your signal) a little bit slower than N-type routers. If you have a slow Internet speed it would be best to buy a cheaper G type router because you would not benefit from the N-type router. Wireless-N routers can transmit data much faster than Wireless-G routers so if you have a fast Internet connection I would recommend you buying a Wireless-N router because this maximizes possible Internet speed. I would recommend buying a wireless-G router from a brand such as Zonet because of their ridiculously low prices, you can buy one on Newegg for $19.99.

Once you have your router you must hook it up with an Ethernet cord to the box your Internet provider has provided for you. Once the Ethernet cable is connected between the two devices your router is ready to begin transmitting your network signal.

Here are ten tips to maximize your usage of your router:

Tip #1: To access and change settings on your router you must open your Internet browser and type in the address your routers instruction manual has specified. You can usually just enter and it should bring up a log-in screen in which you type in the info in your instructions manual. Usually, the default username will be admin and there will probably be no password.

Tip #2: Set a password for your router. Your router will prompt you to make a password that is either WEP or WAP. The choice is yours to make. A WEP password is basically just a group of numbers, whereas a WAP is a user-defined password. This password will be necessary for anyone to log-in and use your network. This reduces the risk of cyberattacks.

Tip #3: You can change the name of your router to make it seem more distinguishable to you. Most routers broadcast the signal name (SSID) as the default brand of your router. This tells everyone what kind of router you have. You can change the name of your signal by changing the SSID. This option should be in the general options menu of your router.

Tip #4: Remember when you logged in to your router? (Tip #1) There was no password set! You can change the username and password by going to the general menu and changing the log-in details. Make sure to change the username, because when hackers try to get into your network they will most often try using username admin. This also makes it to where fellow family members or kids cannot go in and clear information from your router. They would have to know the username and password.

Tip #5: There is a log on your router that keeps track of the times in which users connect to your network. Each computer has a name, so when you look at the recent connections to your network it will tell you what computer connected and at what time. Going back to tip 4, you can use this log to see if your kid is up at odd times at night and connecting when they should not be.

Tip #6: If you are a safety nut, then you can also make it to where only computers with certain MAC addresses can enter your network. This makes it to where no other computers except your own can access your network. To find the MAC address for your computer go to command prompt, or go running and type in cmd, then type in IP config /all, this should show all kinds of stuff about the network you are on and it should show you your MAC address. There is a table in your router’s options that you can set up. Just add this MAC address in and now only that computer can access your network.

Tip #7: You can also enter IP addresses to block from entering your network. So if you ground your kid hypothetically from using the Internet you can just temporarily ban his IP address so that he cannot access the network.

Tip #8: Some routers display what sites someone went to while connected to the network. This information should be somewhere around where the router’s time log is. This option can make it easier to watch what someone else is looking at on the Internet.

Tip #9: My computer has a low signal. The farther away from your computer network adapter is from the router the weaker the signal you are going to get. The greater the signal the greater the speed your network can attain. Routers have all kinds of different ranges of signal range, the best way to find the range is by checking the specifications of the router on the box.

Tip #10: My router is not working!!!!! If your router is not working contact the company that you bought the product from and call customer support. You can also if you have another device that has Internet handy go check out technical forums online to find out the answer to your problems. Most of everything can be fixed by reading a forum regarding a problem online.

I hope this guide helped you learn how to use your router more efficiently! If you have any questions refer to your instruction booklet that came with your router for general usage advice.

How to Patch an Aero Bed Air Mattress

When I bought an Aero Bed air mattress for my son to take naps on after checking our this Mattress review site that described all the pros and cons of these amazing mattresses along with recommending you the best memory foam mattress that are there in the market.

I thought it was the perfect thing for him. He loved it and it seemed to be very durable and handy. Especially for going on trips where we are staying in hotel rooms. I was so pleased with the product that I did the first thing many people do, I threw away the warranty information and the receipt. I had so much confidence in the product that I thought I would not need it at any time. I have never needed the papers to send back the air mattress, although I sure would have liked to have sent it back after it had gotten a hole in it.

The way that it is made, it has grooves going down the middle of the air mattress to make it more comfortable for the child and to make it more durable. When the mattress had gotten a hole in it, it was very difficult to find. I knew there was a hole in it because it would deflate almost completely before my son could finish his nap. After finally finding the hole in the mattress, I realized that it was in one of the grooves of the mattress. I placed one of the patches that came packaged with the mattress over the hole. I followed the directions and deflated the mattress completely and rubbed on the patch and waited 30 minutes before filling it back up with air. I soon found out that it was still leaking air from somewhere. I thought that I had patched to hole that I had found but I thought wrong.

The patch did not stick well enough in the groove and the air was leaking out from underneath of the patch once it was blown up. I asked people I knew what they thought the best way to patch it up was. I used super glue and that did not patch the hole. I used duck tape over the hole and that did not fix it either. I even tried putting the super glue on first and then sealing it up with a piece of duck tape. Still, no success in patching the hole completely. The air would still leak underneath the duck tape and out. I knew that it was the same hole because I took the mattress outside and sprayed it with the water hose. Sure enough, bubbles started rolling out from under the duck tape. It wasn’t like the hole was huge and I couldn’t cover it all. It was just that it was in a very odd place. It was in the curve of one of the grooves and nothing would stick down in there to keep the air from coming out.

Finally, I found the solution to patch it up! I ran across Instant Krazy Glue with color change formula brush tip. You can pick it up at any grocery store that super glue is sold at, I’m sure. The brush tip allows you to be able to get down into grooves and small places very easily. The color change formula lets you know when it is dry. It is purple when you first apply it and then dries to clear. It does not take very long to patch up an air mattress with this Krazy Glue. The directions on the bottle say to hold what you want to glue together for 30 seconds and give it time to dry. In all honesty, if you just paint it on, that’s all you have to do and wait for it to dry.

Now, my son’s Aero Bed no longer leaks air. It’s so much nicer not having to fill it back up with air every day around nap time. The only downfall about this air mattress is that it gets holes in it too easily when there is pressure applied to it. I know the bed is not made for children to be able to jump on it but even if they jump on it just once, it seems to get a hole in the seam of one of the grooves. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to buy one, though. It is well worth the money. Especially, now that there is a quick and easy solution to patch up a hole if the patches for the bed do not work out.