Have you ever seen svelte and energetic cows and a pig? If we are what we eat, then eating a beef and pork-based diet is bringing the unwanted results of following such an unhealthy diet. America is plagued with obesity and chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Obviously, we are starting to become what we are eating. We are becoming overweight and sluggish mammals.

Yes, sometimes we forget that we are mammals and treat ourselves like the inanimate object known as a trash can. It might sound harsh, but it is a reality that we are being faced with on a daily basis. Just think of all the money that would be saved if we ate healthier and saved all the money that we spend on weight-loss products and prescriptions. Adults are not the only victims of unhealthy eating.

Too many kids are surviving on cola and fatty snacks and it isn’t uncommon to see obese children on the school playground. It is important for parents to supervise what their children are eating and spend a little more time planning their menus. It is common for children to eat hot dogs and fruity rolls on a daily basis, just because it is easier than washing some baby carrots or cutting an apple. Children learn by example and routines, and we need to set limits if we want to improve the health condition of our country.

When people eat a sizzling steak or a crispy pork chop, they are also ingesting massive amounts of antibiotics and hormones. The antibiotics that are given to these animals to keep them healthy are not destroyed by cooking them. It is common knowledge that the excessive and unnecessary use of antibiotics could lead to infections that are resistant to treatment. Also, the ingestion of hormones that are foreign to our bodies could increase the risk of cancers in the reproductive organs and premature sexual development in children.

We also have enough natural fat in our bodies and don’t need the high-fat contents that are present in pork and beef. If we were Neanderthals we would have no choice but to eat the animals that we were able to hunt, but it has been millions of years since Neanderthals populated our planet.

Obesity and other health problems, such as constipation could be prevented by just minimizing animal products from our diet. For example, constipation is usually treated with over the counter preparations. This common condition can be easily avoided by ingesting whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. It is also, along with body odor, one of the many side effects of a high protein diet. Eating a bowl of cold or hot cereal in the morning in place of the popular eggs and bacon, could lower cholesterol levels, help with weight loss, and maintain proper elimination habits.

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The latest diets that are popular in the United States, are based on meat consumption and limited amounts of grains and vegetable-based products. Ironically, obesity and health complications keep increasing. I contrast to our oversized carnivorous culture, Okinawa is known for being the country with the highest level of longevity. It isn’t uncommon to find a fit older person walking or gardening. Obesity problems are rare, cancer rates are low, and skin disorders are almost non-existent. Apparently, the secret to their health is the high amounts of rice, vegetables, and fruit on their diet. Green tea is also an important part of their daily diet. If you walk around a typical Okinawan neighborhood at lunchtime or dinner time, you will see a family sitting on the floor drinking cups of green tea. Ingesting green tea helps to increase mental alertness and adds antioxidants to our bodies.

Okinawans don’t eat meat on a daily basis and eat fish frequently. Of course, is not deep-fried crispy catfish like we eat in the United States or canned tuna. Lean fish helps to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the base of heart disease and acne. The Okinawan diet has been named “The World’s Healthiest Diet”. Asian diets also indicate to eat only what you can fit between your two cupped hands. In America, we have the tendency to eat until we have to stand up and unbutton our pants, only to be able to eat more from the all-you-can-eat buffet…

We should treat our bodies as our most precious possession, and instead, we treat our material belongings with more care and consideration. No sane person would smear their sofa or a new car with some greasy pork ribs, but we don’t think twice to eat those ribs from our plates. Why would we saturate our bodies with that same fat? Red meat has been reputed to be the richest source of iron and B complex vitamins. However, the same vitamins, minus the saturated fats can be obtained from legumes, lean poultry, and leafy greens. Remember that we are what we eat, and fatty meats are not a pretty sight to resemble. Indulging in special treats such as fast food and sweets should still be part of everyone’s diet or eating would be extremely boring.

But, those treats should be kept to a minimum. Family meals should be planned around grains and vegetables instead of meat as the main course. International meals can be modified to be healthier. Instead of using ground beef for that meatloaf, replace it with lean ground turkey. Turkey Italian sausage tastes just as good as regular sausage and is easier to digest. If after finding evidence that red meat and “The Other White Meat” are detrimental to your health, you are still unable to eliminate them from your diet, just control the portions that you eat. Another suggestion is to buy organic beef and pork products that are free of hormones and antibiotics. Try these small changes for a week and perhaps you will not need that extra cup of coffee to keep you going through your daily routine.