Diabetes complications. Diabetes is a serious disease, most topical today. Many people know they have the disease but no treatment and prophylaxis cause dangerous complications.

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According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 9% of adults aged 18 and older have diabetes, forecasts to 2030, diabetes will be one of seven causes of death in the world. In 2012 alone, there were 1.5 million deaths from diabetes, 80% of deaths in countries with middle income and low income.

Tips prevent complications of diabetes

So how to reduce the complications of diabetes, can live peacefully with the disease? Follow the advice of specialist doctors following guidelines:

Diabetes prevention diet

Most foods that contain carbohydrates (carbs) by the body when they are converted into glucose for energy for human activities. Many people believe that if diabetes means to cut completely carb-containing foods, but not so. There are 2 types of foods that contain high carb and low carb is.

High carb foods include bread, cakes, rice, sugar, soft drinks … We are foods high in calories, causing high blood glucose levels, easily converted into fat if the balance lost.

Meanwhile low-carb foods such as vegetables, whole grains, sweet potatoes … make sugar into the bloodstream more slowly, keeping blood sugar levels stable, which acts as the body’s metabolism may slow, no longer. People with diabetes should choose low-carb foods, and eat a lot of meals with less volume.

Selecting healthy food

Patients should adhere to a scientific diet, rational, according to your condition. Some of the super food are very good for people with diabetes, such as strawberries, sweet potatoes, fish has omega-3 fatty acids, dark green vegetables.

For packaged food product labels need to avoid saturated fats and trans fats. Use olive oil instead of other oils.

Say no to salt

Reduce the amount of salt in the daily diet helps people lower blood pressure and protect the kidneys – organs which had come under pressure with diabetes. The food was processed, or packaged foods often have a very high salt content, should avoid eating these categories. Instead, eat and use of fresh ingredients, using herbs.

Persons aged 51 and older, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, or chronic kidney disease should talk to your doctor about the amount of salt (sodium) is eaten every day. As recommended by medical professionals, people with diabetes should be reduced to less than 6g per day- Games 1 teaspoon, but your doctor may advise you to eat lower amounts.

Weight loss

If you are obese start losing weight right now. For patients with diabetes need to lose weight slowly, reducing dietary fat should be reduced carb more. A US study has shown fat diet diabetes risk is higher, especially in the group eating junk food and meat. Eat more food groups carbs (starches) are not expected to be a high risk of developing diabetes.

Enough sleep

Sleeping too much or too little can affect diabetes that you are experiencing. By insomnia as the body of hunger and food cravings, especially for the carbohydrate-rich food group. That can lead to weight gain, increased risk of diabetes complications such as heart disease. So, keep a regular sleep 8 hours a night from 7- is best for people with chronic diseases.

Do exercise

Choose the sport you love – be it walking, dancing, biking, or just set the motor moves in place … Do anything to the body is a half-hour campaign every day.

Exercise helps you reduce your risk of heart disease, blood pressure, lower cholesterol, maintain a healthy weight, prevent obesity. Also, exercise also reduces stress and helps support people with diabetes.

Learning to live carefree – reduce stress

When patients with diabetes, if you have added stress can increase blood sugar. Get rid of stress by physical and mental relaxation exercises such as breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, it is most effective for people with Type 2 diabetes.

Smoking habit

People with diabetes that smokers increase the risk of death doubled. Stop smoking to protect your heart and lungs by smoking increases blood pressure and risk of stroke, heart attack, nerve damage, and kidney disease.

Provision for diabetes complications

Check your blood sugar every day is an effective way to help patients avoid complications such as diabetic neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, eye disease, kidney ….

Check your blood sugar levels also help people know their blood sugar level from which diet, physical activity and therapy monitoring their disease effectively or not.

Your doctor can help you set a target glucose levels depending on the stage of each disease.

Heart disease is one of the most dangerous complications of diabetes. To prevent this suffering complication you check periodically A1C indicators, these are measures to control blood sugar average over 2-3 months.

People with diabetes can test two or more times a year. Check blood pressure readings, blood pressure target guarantee under 140 / 80mm Hg. Checking blood cholesterol levels to cardiovascular disease risk …

Body care about bumping or bruising

Diabetes increases the risk of infection and slows the healing process, so when patients were injured or bruised by the impact, need adequate treatment may they cure.

Complications such as deformed feet, leg ulcers, leg gangrene are the most common symptoms in patients with diabetes. Need to check your feet daily and treatment, hygiene sores, redness, or swelling.

Visit your doctor regularly visits

Average diabetic patients need to see a doctor 2-4 times a year. If patients have to take insulin or regular treatment to maintain blood sugar levels need to be seen more often.

Annually, the patient should be tested for eye, nerve, kidney damage and other complications. When the doctor should talk to your doctor about diabetes that you are experiencing.