The best way to keep fit is to exercise on a regular basis and is something that needs to be practiced by the youngsters of the current generation and they are doing a great job at it.

However, given the corona virus outbreak, everyone is confined to their house without anything worthwhile to do but given the circumstances they don’t have any choice.

This does not mean that they should simply sit idle as this is a good time to take care of their house which has been lying neglected and they can start cleaning it alongwith the lawn and garden outside.

Spring Cleaning

Autumn has bid goodbye for the year and summer has arrived so this is the perfect opportunity to start spring cleaning and garden is the good place to begin the task by clearing of all the leaves during autumn season.

The grass is so overgrown that it can very well pass of as a dense forest at first glance but luckily there is an important weapon to clear off this mess and that is the string trimmer which is a tool that comes in handy in such situations.

The trimmer works in a similar fashion to the shaving trimmer, which is used to cut off some part of the beard, this trimmer does the same with the grass on the ground and does it marvelously.

The trimmer’s job is to keep the garden neat and tidy but it also has other important functions to its name which make the job of garden cleaning much easier because there have been many occasions when the grass is so rough that it can choke certain trimmers and damage the engine.


Normally lawn trimmers run through electricity but there are certain models which require gasoline, battery or a powerful cord plugged in the outlet and there have been several tests conducted to judge its prowess.

In a recent survey, it has been found out that all tests have been are perfect and all three are perfect for string trimmers but it entirely depends on the model on how things will work out.

Regarding usage, it can be used for various gardening purposes and the electrical cords are strong enough to withstand the loud noise from the motor and functions the trimmer flawlessly without any technical snag or breakdown.

If you’re in doubt regarding which one you want to choose, it is quite an easy task as both battery and gas models have been found to go down well as they start instantly without making much noise and move at a soft and quiet pace and cuts grass so swiftly that it is impossible to make out the timing.

What to Buy?

This is a confusion that most people fall into, especially first time buyers as they are confused on what to buy when it comes to string trimmers. When both battery and gas powered models are considered the best, a powered base or a tool that is a one piece model is a safe bet.

The cutting head and the rear has to be analyzed carefully before making a decision to buy a trimmer and in case it has a large gap, then be assured that tall and rough grass will get entangled in it by wrapping itself around the shaft and adversely impact the speed, which will eventually lead to a breakdown.

Therefore, it is best to buy a model with a narrow gap so that this problem never arises. In fact, even the ones that that has a head that is easy to remove is a relevant choice as it can throw away the grass and weeds with ease.

Change of String in Lawn Trimmer

  • Measure the length and breadth of the line depending on the trimmer size and make sure to buy the right line so that it can work properly
  • The best reviews of weed eater strings are of the opinion that the engine of the trimmer has to be turned off so that it is cooled down to prevent any mishap
  • The trimmer head is quite vulnerable to damage so take care to remove the cap from it as certain mechanisms are important to move by removal of the spooled contraption