Kettlebell Exercises when combined with hgh-x2 is one of the secret ways to get great six-pack abs and a toned stomach that most people don’t know about. They have a number of advantages over simple weight training or barbell exercises, because they are both great for strength training the core, but also have a built-in cardio element.

Another big advantage that they have is that whereas with many types of barbell exercises you are working on muscle isolation, with kettlebell exercises you are giving a workout to many different groups of muscles, and so you have to exercise much less at your gym or bodybuilding club in order to see great results.

The main kettlebell exercise for achieving flat abs and a toned stomach is the kettlebell swing.

The classic Kettlebell Swing is achieved by doing the following:

1) Choose a weight that suits you

A good rule of thumb is to add about 50% to whatever dumbbell weight you currently lift.

So, if you are using 10lb dumbbells then a 15lb kettlebell would probably be about right to start off with.

If you aren’t sure what weight to go for then just try a few.

You need to be able to complete the exercise below fully, but be a little out of breath by the end.

You shouldn’t however feel physically exhausted, or like you have climbed Mount Everest when you have finished. You will need to do these exercises at least twice a week (and preferably three times) to see good results, and so you don’t want to be in the position that you absolutely dread doing them.

2) Do some stretching and warm-up exercises

It is important that you do some stretching exercises to warm up your arms, leg, and core before you begin your kettlebell exercises. And it is also a good idea to do about 5 minutes at a moderate speed on a stationary bike or cross-trainer before getting underway.

The last thing that you want to happen is to pull a muscle, because not only will that hurt a great deal, it will also considerably set back your plans to get six-pack abs!

3) Get in Position

Place your feet around the kettlebell with just a couple of inches of clearance on either side. Then bend your knees, keeping your back straight and pushing out your bum forcefully.

Grasp the kettlebell with both hands and then swing it up straight in front of you until it is horizontal. Hold for the merest of moments and then smoothly swing it back between your legs and then back up to the same horizontal position.

Trust me! Doing kettlebell exercises is significantly harder work than it sounds, so be careful to choose a weight that is not too heavy.

I always aim to do three sets of 20 reps with a short 1-minute break in between reps to catch my breath.

Ideally, you would do these three times a week, with a minimum of a day in between each. But even if you just did this twice a week (say a Monday and Thursday); you would start to notice significant abdominal improvements.

Of course, in reality, to get six-pack abs you also need to be very careful about what you eat. But given the proviso that you eat sensibly and are already reasonably slim, then six weeks is a very reasonable time frame to start to see six-pack abs poking through.

As you find the weight getting easy, then simply gradually use heavier kettlebells.

The reality is that to see great improvements in your abs you do not need dozens of different types of kettlebell exercises.

This simple exercise works great on its own. You simply need to do them regularly and eat sensibly to see real-results.

Once your front abdominals can be seen clearly then you could try to add inside kettlebell swings which are simply where you take the same position but swing the kettlebell sideways, with two sets of twenty swings on each side in addition to the classic kettlebell swings you are already performing.

This targets the external obliques a little more specifically.

The combination of those two kettlebell exercises performed regularly will produce outstanding results and a clear six-pack in six weeks for those who are fit.