These verified account badges on social media platforms have always been a point of attraction for many enthusiasts and people who want to look popular on social media. Almost every platform, including Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, has this blue tick allotted to accounts of famous public figures, celebrities, and renowned brands and companies. However, these days people are arguing that even not-so-famous people are also getting these badges.

So, we will see how this is possible and how you can get a verified badge on Instagram. Also, many people say that you can buy verification badge on Instagram; we will discuss that also in the upcoming information. 

Bluetick – How To Get Your Account Verified With Simple Steps

Typically, if you are a celebrity or an existing well-established brand, you can submit a request from your Instagram account for blue tick approval. This request will include sending your proof of identification which ensures that you are the person you claim to be and that this account belongs to the person authentically. 

But you should know that not anyone can get their account verified for blue tick, and it is just a myth that everyone can have it. This is a very selective process as it is totally in the hands of Instagram employees to accept the request or deny it. It is meant for notable public figures and popular brands, and if you want a blue badge on your account, you should have a good social presence. 

You need not be a celebrity, but you can be popular among people on the internet in other ways. Once you are frequently searched on the platform, Instagram could detect that you are famous.

Where Could You Be Lacking In Getting The Verification Badge Approval?

If you qualify for the basic requirements for a verified account but still not getting approval, then there could be some points where you or your account is lacking. In order to understand this better, we have created a list of some points which you can fulfill next time before you apply for blue tick.

  • Is this your only account and the first account that you are getting verified?
  • Make sure your account is public because private accounts do not get verified.
  • Do not share unethical content or spread hatred through your account.
  • You don’t need millions of likes or followers for this, so don’t flourish your account with fake ones.
  • Is your social presence excellent and worth it?

These are some points that you should consider before you get your account verified. Furthermore, avoid the platforms that say things like buy verification badge or something as you cannot actually buy it. Below are some tips that you should know and try next time before applying for the blue tick.

Get Rid Of Imposters Accounts That Claim To Be Real You 

Sometimes many fake accounts are running by the same name and claiming to be a person they are not. If this is the case with you, too, it could be a reason for denying your request. But this is an entirely resolvable issue as you can report such accounts as fake and imposter. This way, Instagram will look into it and clear the clutter and clearing the path for you.

Website Links Are Allowed But Not Youtube Or Twitter Accounts 

If you have mentioned your Twitter account link or YouTube channel link in your bio, you should immediately remove it. If you want, you can keep the website link or other internet platform links but not parallel social platform links in your bio. If you wish, you can link your verified Facebook account with Instagram in a different way which you might already know.

Apply When You Are Among The Talk Of The Town 

Once your request is declined, you have to wait for 30days before resubmission. But you should not just rush on the very next day to apply for it again. Our advice is that you should wait for some time until you get viral on the platform or over the internet somehow. Then you should apply for it, as it is more likely to bring you approval.

Celebrity Or Brands Can Hire Social Media Expert Agencies 

If you do not know how to handle the account, how to make the changes required for the approval, or other related stuff, you can hire someone expert. There are many online or offline agencies that work in this field and can get you the blue tick quickly. These experts would also improve your social media presence through several strategies.

Is Buying An Instagram Verification Badge Possible, And How Is It Done?

Once again, we are back to the point that should you buy a verification badge, and again we would say the same thing: nobody can get you a verification badge for money. This is not something that you can buy similar to likes or comments or followers on Instagram, which you could.

Buying Instagram blue tick is not possible, but you can buy likes or followers if you think that this will improve your social media presence which eventually would get you the badge. However, suppose you already have enough followers and an excellent social medial life. In that case, you should try the tips mentioned above for the next time as this would improve your chances or approval by many folds.