As an internet marketer, email is one of your top marketing tools. With a quality opt-in email list of prospects, you can efficiently sell your product to hundreds of people. But with a bad sales copy, that email list is worth nothing. There are several things an email advertisement must have so that it is compelling enough to convince your customers to buy the product, or take whatever action is desired.

The first and one of the most important things your email must have is a good subject line. Nowadays, the average consumer’s email inbox is filled with dozens of useless spam emails, and many people absentmindedly delete those emails without a second thought. If you do not have an exciting subject, your mail will get deleted right along with the spam. So you know you need a great title, but how do you make one? Foremost, you must accentuate the main benefit of your product so the reader wants to know more about it. The best way to do this is with list and how-to titles (“10 Easy Ways to Get Rich”, or “How to be a Millionaire by Next Month”). If possible, use your targets’ first names in the subject line, as it generally makes the email feel more personal. Through SEO services, the person will receive a better experience while reading emails. The ratings of the email will be excellent with the right subject line for the content communicated. 

Many marketers feel the need to save the best for last, but that’s anything but the case when it comes to email marketing. You have to make your first argument the most compelling, and catch the reader’s attention instantly. If not, you will lose them before they even find out what you are selling. Hopefully you are selling an attractive, in demand product (or at least, selling the benefit of that product), so simply expand on that benefit as soon as your email opens up. If the reader is interested in the benefit, they will most likely read the whole thing and perhaps even buy the product immediately.

One “big” problem with many emails today is that they are too long. People today rarely stay around to read long emails from a friend, nonetheless a stranger. Pack your best arguments into a short email and your chances of succeeding will multiply several times over.

While it may be hard to do so much in so short a copy, it is critical not to just focus on one benefit or offer. You must present multiple benefits, but always start with the best one upfront. Think back to infomercials you have seen; they start up talking about this amazing product, then later start telling you additional things you will receive. Do the same in your email; just don’t make it last an hour long.

Finally, always keep a friendly tone. Never let the mood of your email become that of a telemarketer; you have to woo the reader into thinking your email could be that of a relative. This is one of the most difficult techniques to pull off (and if you fail it is devastating), but the return on a successful attempt yields great results.