Even if money isn’t tight it is always good to know a few tips that will give you a nice discount on an expensive hair service like hair color. You can even get your hair done professionally for the same price that you would pay at a less professional salon. You may already be wondering why a professional hair salon would give you discounts when they have plenty of clients and no need or motivation to offer you a break from your bill.

Keep in mind that Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Men and Women is quite expensive and therefore out of the question so therefore look for cheaper alternatives that fall within your budget and unnecessary expenses are forestalled.

There are numerous reasons like:

Competition, which pushes hair salons to advertise services at a lower prices during slow seasons; Client Retention, which is one of the most powerful tools for salon owners, that not only give hairstylists a wide financial spectrum but also helps to provide and organize future appointments months ahead of time; Client Reward, which is just modest form of ‘client appreciation’ from a stylist or salon owner to loyal clients; and there are numerous additional reasons.

Lesson Number 1:

ASK. There are always some discounts or offers that you can take advantage of. Don’t be shy, discounts and offers are made for YOU. I personally love when clients make use of them! Don’t let money stop you from getting your regular hair maintenance or color re-touch.

2 – Keep Yourself Informed:

If you are too shy to ask, you can simply sign up for your favorite salon’s newsletter or facebook page and they will send you monthly promotions, discounts or offers.

3 – Loyalty is Good:

If your salon has a loyalty program make use of it.

4 – Pre-Book Appointments:

Pre-booking can save you some money too. It is good for both the hairstylist and the client. You will save and always looks great; and your hairstylist will have a clear idea of future appointments. The ideal time for hair color pre-booking is from 4 to 6 weeks. Besides, a client up to date with hair services is always a good advertisement for stylists.

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BUT, If you forgot to pre-book, use ON-LINE APPOINTMENTS: Sometimes the only difference between calling to book an appointment and booking online is that some online appointments give you discounts. Online appointments are becoming more popular, efficient and practical.

5 – Switch Services:

Getting full-head highlights every 6 weeks may be what your hairstylist told you to do, but it can be really expensive and risky for your hair health (not to mention sometimes impractical time-wise and perhaps money-wise). Alternate from full highlights to half, from highlights to color, or from permanent color to demi-permanent color on your visits to the salon. Ask your stylist about your options. Get a consultation each and every visit.

6 – Combine Services:

Some salons offer specials like: “free hair cut with color service” or “free manicure with hair cut”. Salon owners do so to stimulate slow sections or new hairstylists. Which will take us to the next tip…

7 – New Hairstylist Service:

When a salon hires a new hair stylist, it usually lowers their service prices for that particular stylist to stimulate new clients. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the hair stylist is new in the business, it could be a new hair stylist with a lot of years in the industry who needs to promote themselves and build clientele – so you would get a great service for a moderate price!

8 – Finally:

Don’t forget to combine promotions! When it doesn’t say: ‘can’t be combined with other promotions’, it is usually allowed. Promotions of the month, plus pre-booking, plus any additional promotions equal: a lot of saving! My own clients are actually getting good at it… they total around 15 to 25 percent of savings when they combine promotions.