When I bought an Aero Bed air mattress for my son to take naps on after checking our this Mattress review site that described all the pros and cons of these amazing mattresses along with recommending you the best memory foam mattress that are there in the market.

I thought it was the perfect thing for him. He loved it and it seemed to be very durable and handy. Especially for going on trips where we are staying in hotel rooms. I was so pleased with the product that I did the first thing many people do, I threw away the warranty information and the receipt. I had so much confidence in the product that I thought I would not need it at any time. I have never needed the papers to send back the air mattress, although I sure would have liked to have sent it back after it had gotten a hole in it.

The way that it is made, it has grooves going down the middle of the air mattress to make it more comfortable for the child and to make it more durable. When the mattress had gotten a hole in it, it was very difficult to find. I knew there was a hole in it because it would deflate almost completely before my son could finish his nap. After finally finding the hole in the mattress, I realized that it was in one of the grooves of the mattress. I placed one of the patches that came packaged with the mattress over the hole. I followed the directions and deflated the mattress completely and rubbed on the patch and waited 30 minutes before filling it back up with air. I soon found out that it was still leaking air from somewhere. I thought that I had patched to hole that I had found but I thought wrong.

The patch did not stick well enough in the groove and the air was leaking out from underneath of the patch once it was blown up. I asked people I knew what they thought the best way to patch it up was. I used super glue and that did not patch the hole. I used duck tape over the hole and that did not fix it either. I even tried putting the super glue on first and then sealing it up with a piece of duck tape. Still, no success in patching the hole completely. The air would still leak underneath the duck tape and out. I knew that it was the same hole because I took the mattress outside and sprayed it with the water hose. Sure enough, bubbles started rolling out from under the duck tape. It wasn’t like the hole was huge and I couldn’t cover it all. It was just that it was in a very odd place. It was in the curve of one of the grooves and nothing would stick down in there to keep the air from coming out.

Finally, I found the solution to patch it up! I ran across Instant Krazy Glue with color change formula brush tip. You can pick it up at any grocery store that super glue is sold at, I’m sure. The brush tip allows you to be able to get down into grooves and small places very easily. The color change formula lets you know when it is dry. It is purple when you first apply it and then dries to clear. It does not take very long to patch up an air mattress with this Krazy Glue. The directions on the bottle say to hold what you want to glue together for 30 seconds and give it time to dry. In all honesty, if you just paint it on, that’s all you have to do and wait for it to dry.

Now, my son’s Aero Bed no longer leaks air. It’s so much nicer not having to fill it back up with air every day around nap time. The only downfall about this air mattress is that it gets holes in it too easily when there is pressure applied to it. I know the bed is not made for children to be able to jump on it but even if they jump on it just once, it seems to get a hole in the seam of one of the grooves. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to buy one, though. It is well worth the money. Especially, now that there is a quick and easy solution to patch up a hole if the patches for the bed do not work out.