Long-distance relationships are notoriously difficult and many find that the miles that separate them from a loved one will gradually kill the relationship. There are, however, others that have been in a very successful long-distance relationship which has culminated in a long and happy life together. Here are some tips to help a long-distance relationship work.

Always be clear right from the beginning what it is that your prospective partner is looking for. They may simply be looking for friendship without any thought of a permanent relationship. Similarly, make sure that your partner knows what your expectations are.

If you both have the same expectations i.e. a permanent long-term relationship you will be able to while away the hours chatting about your future together. This is always great fun for both parties. You have the time and space to iron out the future in any way that you like.

Communicate as often as you can either by email or telephone. A real letter is a nice touch. Everyone loves to get a love letter in the mail.

Buy a webcam so that you can see each other when you chat. It makes the conversations a little more personal and much more fun. Send a nice card or a small gift occasionally. Make sure that the card has some nice and caring words to show that you have taken the time to look for just the right card. Nothing too expensive, just something that is thoughtful. Moreover, whenever, you are going to meet your partner after some time you can also use Best Male Enhancement pills in order to spice up your sex life as well.

Visit each other as often as is practical. However, try to avoid the ‘surprise’ visits, you may travel thousands of miles after buying an expensive plane ticket, only to find that your partner has been sent out of town on a job. A way to avoid this is to share an online calendar where you could each keep a record of what you are doing on a particular day.

Start a website or blog and don’t tell anyone else the address – just use it as your own private chat room. You can add photographs and love letters and those nice little notes that everyone likes to receive.

Design and send a personalized gift that will remind your partner of you every time they see it. There are lots of great ideas for personalized things such as pillowcases (you could spray a little of your perfume/cologne on before you send it), coffee mugs, pens, fridge magnets, etc. the possibilities are endless.

Here’s a great idea that I came across for a bit of romantic fun. Buy a plastic bottle with a wide neck, fill it with little trinkets and a romantic message, etc, then take it to the post office to determine the cost to send it and put it in the mail – et voila – a message in a bottle!

As with any other type of relationship, a long-distance relationship does take work. But if you try to keep the relationship interesting, fun, and even romantic, you could find yourself with a lifelong partner and a very best friend. Make the effort; it could be worth it in the end.