Getting ready to bare your mid-section for the summer months or going away for a nice relaxing warm-climate vacation? If so, losing belly fat and getting washboard abs is probably something you would love have to take with you.

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One of the top requests fitness trainer’s get in fitness clubs is to loose belly fat and tighten the mid-section. Let’s be honest, tight washboard abs not only look great, they are also a sign of health and represent the holy grail of fitness.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about how to loose belly fat and get a washboard stomach is that you should work all abdominal muscles separately. Such individuals imagine the “6-pack” and think they have to divide this muscle up and work on it section by section. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true.

While abs do consist of several different muscles, all of these muscles contract simultaneously, regardless of the exercise performed. This is due to the fact that the entire mid-section is designed by nature to help perform whatever movement is being asked of it. Of course, you can definitely target certain areas more than your do other parts, but overall, you cannot completely isolate any ONE muscle in particular.

Having said that, you don’t need to do many isolated ab exercises during your workouts. These can be nice in a sense that you will most likely “feel the burn”, but they aren’t going to engage your muscle fibers optimally – which is your primary goal with any weight lifting session you perform

Instead, the better thing to do is to perform exercises that decrease your balance because that is what best “calls” all your mid-section muscles into action.

Therefore, if you do ab crunches on the floor, move them onto an stability exercise ball. This will force all the muscles in your mid-section to “engage” in the exercise to help you perform it. This is exactly what you want. It’s much more effective and will help you loose belly fat and get a nice six pack much faster than if you perform isolation exercises only.

The “balance” applies for other calisthenic exercises as well. Even if you move a set of push-ups onto an exercise ball it will be the perfect opportunity to really challenge those muscles and help develop washboard abs. To do this, simply place an exercise ball under your arms or under your feet and push-up from there.

The only time when you should not decrease your stability too much is when you are lifting very heavy weights in major compound lifts (such as squats for instance). This can be very dangerous because even the slightest movement in the wrong direction, caused by you being off balance, could lead to a severe injury.

So, keep your “destabilization” work to exercises that are performed with your body weight or with light weights.

How to Loose Belly Fat – The Diet Factor

Without a proper diet, it’s difficult to loose belly fat and get nice six pack abs. One thing you have to realize is that while exercise is important, it’s only 50% of the total fitness equation. Regardless of how many crunches or sit-ups you do, if you’ve got a layer of fat covering your abs, those muscles will never be seen.

Thus, maintaining a proper and sensible diet and combining it with a good workout routine is the way to go. The synergy of these two components together will create a powerfull fat burning effect and help you in your how to loose belly fat quest.

By following these simple principles though, you can be sure that you will washboard abs are on their way for you.