It is not likely that you would be able to get your hair to grow at a much faster rate than what is it’s normal rate. However, there are ways to grow longer, healthy hair. Hair grows, but some people do not see a difference in the length of their hair because of the lack of hair retention. This is because of breakage and split ends. To notice a change in your hair, it is important to keep your hair from breaking. You do this by 1. keeping your hair moisturized and 2. keeping your hair healthy.

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Here are some things you should try.

  1. Coconut oil- Coconut oil is one of my favorite hair products. It moisturizes hair and it also retains the moisture. Keeping hair moisturized is great because it prevents your hair from dying and breaking. It also fights harmful bacteria which causes hair to grow healthier. You want to use this on your scalp and on the ends of your hair.
  2. Tea Tree Oil- Tea tree oil is great for preventing hair loss. It is antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. It disinfects the scalp and reduces the build-up of residues around the hair follicles. It causes the hair to be healthier and promotes new hair growth.
  3. Vitamin E Oil- Vitamin E keeps scalp and hair healthy. It rejuvenates the hair by boosting circulation of blood in the scalp. Massaging the oil into the scalp on a daily basis will also help with circulation and show a quicker result. You can also take Vitamin E supplements which would boosts your immune system.
  4. Biotin- Biotin is an important vitamin which helps with cell growth. Since hair grows from hair follicles which are attached to stem cells, it is important to have healthy cell production. Biotin strengthens hair which causes it to grow at a healthier rate and decreases hair loss.
  5. Braid your hair. Braiding your hair is the best way of keeping all of your new hair growth. When your hair is braided, you lose the least possible amount of hair. Hair always sheds so you will still see some hair loss but it won’t be as much as when your hair isn’t braided. You also put less pressure on your hair during that time since you are not constantly combing it or using heat on it.
  6. Wrap your hair. If braiding your hair is not an option you can consider, make sure to wrap your hair at night. That’s not always convenient but you need to make an effort to not lose more hair than you have to. Wrapping your hair keeps it from breaking. In addition, laser & IPL hair and skin treatments may be a good idea but you have to carefully consider the best and reputable service provider for you.
  7. Use silk sheets and pillow cases. Not only does silk have a natural protein but it also reduces hair breakage. It helps to maintain the proper moisture balance in the hair and it eliminates tangling. It is better to use than cotton because cotton causes friction which damages and breaks the hair. If you do not want to wrap your hair at night, using silk pillowcases will help protect it from breakage.