Due to the growing market of CBD Oil, it is not new that each seller claims that they are selling the best CBD oils with the highest quality. Because of this, a lot of interested buyers are having trouble determining which of the sellers are legit and are telling the truth.So the big question is, 

How do you identify high quality CBD oils?

One thing you should be wary about is when companies sell their own items at very low prices. These companies often say they have an on-going sale or discounts due to some events or so. If it’s too good to be true, leave it. Oftentimes, low priced products used cheap and mostly unproven methods in extracting CBD oil.

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On the other hand, companies that are honest use organic and pharmaceutical-grade ethanol in processing CBD. This process is done to remove toxic residues from the base hemp plant. This method of processing CBD is considered as one of the safest and best in extracting since it yields the highest number of cannabinoids when compared to other products that undergo refinement process.

One thing you should know also is where the main product (Hemp plant) is imported or taken. Know that Hemp plants easily absorb what is used in cultivating them. When the ground and fertilizer used is of high-quality, then expect that the resulting CBD extracts from Hemp plants will be of high-quality as well.

By knowing this, you should avoid products that came from lands where metals such as lead mercury are abundant. The CBD extracted from these plants will be 95% unsafe and not advisable for regular consumption.

In order to know where their products came from, you can check their websites, or even call their customer support. Usually, products from the United States can be reassuring since the State Department of Agriculture is checking the qualities of the products and the farmers in the country are required to be certified before they can start to do business.You should also consider the amount of THC that can be found in the product in order for this to be considered as high quality. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the primary cannabinoids that can be found both in agricultural hemp and the common marijuana. THC’s original amount is already considered low, however you should double check that its number should never exceed the prescribed amount which is 0.3%. You can always check the laboratory results or even simply check the labels before making a purchase.


A lot of marketing-companies are selling and exporting CBD oils, due to this, we should know that not all are selling high-quality cannabidiol oils. In the near future, where the full legalization might happen, consumers must be vigilant and must be extra cautious on which companies exporting these products are trusted.