Everyone wants to know how to beat the drug testing in pee. Drug testing is becoming increasingly common. The hope is that when people suspect that their employers will be testing for drug use that you will think before you try any drugs out. The other theory is that if random drug testing is part of your life then you are going to be made more aware of the fact that you have a drug problem and therefore more inclined to get yourself into a rehabilitation program.

The best way to beat a drug test is by not doing drugs. It is really that simple. If you do not do drugs, you will have nothing to worry about. If you are doing drugs there are still something’s that you can try.

There are some additives that you can add to your urine sample that could make it test clean for drugs. This is risky. As soon as a drug testing company learns about an additive, they usually figure out a way to test for it. Using additives, especially if your drug testing is court-ordered is also very risky. In an attempt to discourage people from doing this, many states have passed legislation that makes tampering with a drug test illegal, if you are caught doing it, you will find yourself facing felony charges, which is more than you would probably get for a positive drug test.

Your best bet for beating a drug test is to know that one is coming. The more advance warning you have, the better your chances are of beating it. If you are hoping to beat the test you are going to have to completely stop using drugs for at least 48 hours prior to the test time. This will allow you to do something that is called temporary detox. A temporary detox is essentially a mild form of the rapid detox that you would receive at a hospital.

One hour before you test, two hours if you use heavily, you are going to have to take the vitamins that are put into the temporary detox kit. In most cases, the vitamins boost your body’s metabolism and you will be able to temporarily purge your body of the toxins the drugs left behind. The effects wear off after 4-6 hours so the timing is going to be critical. Keep in mind that repeated use of temporary detox will take a toll on your physical health.