Social media is something that has become so popular that students and grandmothers alike are now on here. This is a great way to stay in touch with loved ones and see what other people are up to. However, many people are now questioning the exact role that social media groups like Facebook now have in students’ lives. It has been reported that some of the popular social media websites are distracting students from their studies, which in turn is lowering people’s grades and the number of college graduates. There are even colleges that have decided to try and block or ban access to such suites as Twitter on campus in the hopes that students will be able to focus.

Studies and reports have shown that social media websites and the Internet as a whole is consuming people’s lives. Researchers at comScore, Inc. have found that people in the US spend more time on Face book than they do even searching the web or reading books. This means that people are more interested in socializing than studying, something that could have serious affects for students in and outside of the country.

For students who attend or have attended schools that have banned social media websites from campus, there are some serious effects. The blackout allows students to focus on their homework so that they are not constantly flipping between their work or assignments and such websites or social media. This helps people better retain information and ensures that more work is being submitted on time. Instead of feeling obligated or compelled to check one’s profiles on instagram, in sense to know how many followers instagram they have and similarly for, face book or Twitter. People are able to focus on writing their essays, completing their reading, and talking to people face to face rather than just online.

Though social media allows people to better stay connected with one another, it can prove distracting. Students sometimes slip when it comes to class attendance because they are on Facebook and similar websites at all hours of the night. This not only affects one’s grades but also his or her health. Not only are students staying in touch with one another, they are also meeting new people both in and outside of their colleges via such websites. This helps people coordinate their schedules and even plan study groups and meetings. Thus, there are both pros and cons to social media for college students around the world.

The world is constantly changing. Today, the Internet brings people together in new and meaningful ways. Instead of losing touch with people, social media websites allow people to stay connected. This connection is great because it allows people to learn important social skills, to find out about campus events, and to stay connected about assignments and study groups. However, social media is also incredibly distracting. Most students can’t sit down for a night of studying or homework without checking their social media websites at least once, if not throughout the night. This means that students have a difficult time focusing on their work, attending class, and really completing assignments on time.