What is the current generation’s obsession as of late? Well, there are way too many to be covered up in a single article but nevertheless we will look at the most important one of all, which incidentally is one that almost every guy, be it an introvert or extrovert, goes through atleast once in his life.

This is considered a herculean feat that is way tougher than climbing the highest mountain or fighting the most dangerous person in existence. Some people would laugh these comments of but those who have had prior experience about it can vouch for the fact that they’re very much true.

It is about creating a good impression on girls who think too much of themselves and consider anything beneath them as useless and not at all worth their time. Yes, such girls do exist in current times and did so even in times of yore.


For starters, let me begin by saying that trying out with girls is neither easy nor is it rocket science for people to worry about it to such an extent that most of them end up losing their minds.

Every guy has that inherent charm inside him that can sweep girls of their feet but what matters is that it should used in the right place and at the right time, which will ensure in it becoming a success.

With the recent me too movement controversy, guys are apprehensive of approaching girls upfront for fear of being blamed by them and getting their lives jeopardized in the process as many girls with unscrupulous principles have used this movement to their advantage and destroy the lives of many an innocent man.

As a result of which, innocent girls too have borne the brunt of it all by being subjected to humiliation but this movement is a blessing in disguise as any girl’s claim of harassment is no longer immediately taken at face value by the authorities, which is a step in the right direction as it breaks the stereotype of boys being rapists and girls being innocent victims all the time.

The controversies abound all around but just make sure that you first get to know the girl who has struck a chord in your heart before approaching her with the intention of declaring your love.

Keep it Simple

An important thing that boys should know that while approaching a girl, never try to show off and pretend to be what you are not as girls hate such guys and are smart enough to see through this façade, which only makes things worse.

Girls who are more beautiful and attractive in appearance are the ones who have a high level of attitude and haughtiness with a lot of superiority complex and the problem is not with them at all.

The problem is with the boys who are too bewitched by their beauty to use their own mind and simply act as marionettes in the hands of their beloveds just to be in their good books.

The guys will need to keep things simple and be themselves and not what their girl wants her potential dream boy to be for it is impossible for anyone to 100% live up to the expectations of the opposite sex as there is not a person in existence that is absolutely perfect.

So the bottom line is that all you boys out there should never exaggerate your personality to make yourself look more important than you truly are as nothing would put a girl off the radar more than to see a guy trying to work things out with a phony personality.

Popular Quotes

A foolproof way to tone down the attitude of girls is to look up online for the best attitude quotes for girls and send whatsapp messages to them at regular intervals laden with emotional quotes to make them see the error of their ways.

These quotes are quite popular and it has been found out in a recent survey that nearly 60% girls have improved on their attitude by reading online experiences of other women who have lost out on many things simply because of their haughty and arrogant nature.

All in all, impressing a girl is a secondary issue but to make her behave properly is the first step towards striking the right chord in the relationship.