The word free strikes interest into all our hearts, especially as a gamer, with many releases coming in the same month and not all affordable, sometimes you need something different to get you through that waiting period after you’ve finished the latest release.

I felt it necessary to space out the guide for online games on office unblocked games as there are many different types and I hope to cover them all and find you a hidden gem in the world of the internet as there are many out there.

This is the first section and deals with the most simple form of online gaming, which is website based games and a bit of added information for those concerned about children also.

Typing “Free online games” into Google or any other search engine is a great start, usually, the first two links will be all you need to get started on some gaming action with varying degrees of difficulty and many different types of games available, the most popular to be found is a puzzle and sport-based games though you might find the rare website based shooter typically with a retro feel

My personal favorite over the years has been

The age-range appealed to us from young to old, children generally love these sites and for good reason, though it’s always advised to check up on what they’re playing, some game sites can be unsuitable and even sites that appear suitable can always have the odd game you’d rather your child not play so it’s best to keep a keen eye on what they’re actually playing.

Not all game-websites are targeted towards children, which can be confusing for the child because they see bright colors and it can be assumed it is, as well as content, it’s best to keep an eye on the adverts that pop up as most use Google-generated ads or a similar system, I find they’re not always reliable and an inappropriate advert can pop up, yet the site I mentioned usually has children-targeted adverts with the latest must-have toy and game, so you might find a different problem altogether when your child delivers their next birthday/Christmas list!

Website based games are an ideal way to pass time, entertain yourself, and keep your mind busy at the same time! If you’re a regular user of a website based game site content can quickly become to feel old, even when it’s kept regularly updated so I prefer to look at sites like these are a good ten-minute stress-relieving break without an added hassle of needing to download and install on your system.