The Dyson DC25 certainly has a high price tag for an upright at almost $500, but is it really worth that kind of cash?


  • Quality: 5/5
  • Effectiveness 4.5/5
  • Price: 4/5
  • Overall: 4.5/5

Product Details:

This upright vacuum cleaner features Dyson ball technology and the vacuum cleaner itself sits in a ball which twists so that the Dyson D25 can be easily negotiated around different objects. The vacuum itself features an 11 amp motor which is inside the ball which allows for a lower center of gravity, further increasing maneuverability. The Dyson ball utilizes cyclone technology and centrifugal force to separate dirt from air, which results in very few instances of clogging. The motor of the top 10 12V powerful car vacuums for cleaning of the house. The technology will be designed through the experts for the safety of the car while cleaning. This also provides for a great deal of suction power which is effective for most all types of floors. This model also features a telescopic hose and a motorized brush bar which is especially handy for cleaning furniture and drapes. The vacuum contains a HEPA filter, but even better than that, it is certified to be friendly to those with asthma and the dustbin is very hygienic. The cleaning radius comes in at about 12 inches, and like many Dysons this comes with a five year parts and labor warranty so that you are fully protected if something goes wrong. The weight of this vacuum is around 23 pounds.


The Dyson DC25 Ball upright has amazing cleaning power, and it is so light that it can easily be carried up steps by most people. Its small size also makes it easy to fit into a closet. The Ball design is definitely unusual and makes maneuvering the vacuum very convenient.

In fact, this vacuum cleans so well that you can take a traditional vacuum and run it over the carpet and then run the Dyson DC25 over it and get a full load of dirt. When you receive this vacuum, it is very easy to assemble in three basic steps, and the hand tools are very easy to pull out and the attachments are very effective.

One disadvantage is certainly the price but you have to realize that a lot of engineering is built into a Dyson upright vacuum, and you are paying for a smaller size and a more powerful motor. You’re also paying for the five year extended warranty which includes parts and labor as compared to most vacuums, which have a one year limited warranty. When you do the costs over a lifetime of the vacuum the price certainly make sense.

Parting Words:

Simply put, this vacuum really does a good job for a heavy duty vacuum that performs up to expectations. You will be very satisfied with the results for the price that you have to pay. You may even start to enjoy vacuuming.