An effective home security system, i.e. DVR camera security for home is essential if you want to safeguard not only your valuables and property but also family members. A DVR camera security system is the most integral module for any home surveillance system. Unlike the old VCR camera system, a DVR security system documents, compresses, saves and controls all recorded images and sound.


With the introduction of a DVR camera security system into the market, you can now be able to secure and keep an eye on your home in spite of where you are in the globe. On condition that you have access to the World Wide Web, you can look at your possessions through a desktop PC, laptop computer or smart phone. Furthermore, a DVR camera security for home enables one to store superior video images right to a DVD.

A majority of DVR camera security for home are outfitted with an internal storage device, i.e. hard disk. However, video recordings usually consume much of the space within a short time frame. The sum of storage capacity which your DVR camera security home requires is relative to a number of factors.

The capacity of DVR hard disk. The number of frames per second, i.e. FPS which your DVR security system records. The number of surveillance cameras installed in your home. The frequency at which your surveillance cameras record, i.e. throughout the day or when movement is noticed.

If you find selecting the right kind of DVR camera security for home a challenging task, you need not to worry. Discussed herein are a number of factors to take into consideration when shopping for the best DVR camera security for home.

Tips and Guidelines in Choosing DVR Camera Security For Home

First and foremost, make a choice between a standalone paket cctv and a computer based unit. For example, a standalone unit is made up of a console which you load with a blank DVD, i.e. recordable. All that the system monitors is recorded onto the recordable DVD. The DVD can then be kept as an achieve footage. A computer based unit on the other hand functions through a desktop or laptop PC. It is shipped with application software that operates the monitoring unit. Standalone units are more stable. However, computer based units are easy to operate and are not easily infected by viruses. In addition, computer based units do not need extra monitors.

Secondly, you need to contrast the value of the DVR camera security home. Manufacturers tend to grade surveillance security cameras by resolution i.e. TVL. The best cameras are the ones with high resolution.

Thirdly, you need to examine the features that the DVR security camera comes with. It is important to note that, not all DVR security cameras have the same capabilities. There are some that have inbuilt night mode viewing while others include motion sensors amongst other variety of features. Supplementary features that a DVR security camera may come with consist of 360-degree manual rotation.

Make a decision between wired security system and wireless security system. Wireless security systems are easy to install as they allow you fix the cameras in locations that cables may not access.

If you want cameras that can record clearly in the dark, then you need to evaluate the DVR lux rating. In a layman s term, lux rating refers to light sensitivity. A camera with a high lux specification has the capability to capture cleat images in a location that is dimly lit.

Next, you need to contrast the installation conditions from different manufacturers. For example, PC-Based DVR camera systems entail installing the provided program into your desktop or laptop computer. On the other hand, a stand-alone unit only needs you to attach the camera to a DVR unit.

Check if the software provided can be upgraded. A majority of PC-Based DVR security systems allow for upgrades. For instance, the ability to record images in color can only be provided if you upgrade the existing drivers. Furthermore, search for DVR camera security home that can accommodate extra cameras, display units and color video upgrades.

Last but not least, go through the warranty. Majorities of DVR camera security home are shipped with a 1 year manufacturer warranty, nonetheless complimentary 1 or 2 year warranty can be bought on request.