Shaving is just part of my day, but I don’t want to spend longer than I have to or deal with cuts and scrapes each time I shave. Plus, my skin is sensitive, and shaving causes quite a discomfort. I constantly battle ingrown hair, dry skin, and occasional acne breakouts. Manual shaving further aggravated my skin. Then there was the time involved in shaving. I would spend more time than necessary on shaving because I needed to wet the facial hair, lather on the shaving cream, and keep the ointment handy for any cuts and scrapes that I may end up with when I was done.

One day I was surprised to receive one of the men’s electric rasierer. The best electric shaver for men and thought that there is no way an electric shaver could produce a close enough shave like the manual razors, but I was very wrong. No water was needed because the shavers worked on dry hair. No shaving cream was needed. All I needed was the shaver and some batteries or an electrical outlet to power the shaved. Simply shave and feel the difference. There was no scraping, no cutting, and, best of all, no pain.

Then I started thinking of all the money I was saving. I no longer had to buy disposable shavers, shaving cream, or aftershave. What a time-saver, too! Just before I head out the door, I turn the shaved on and trim my face. That is it.

While researching and experimenting with various electric shavers, I came across the Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver and declared it the best men’s electric shaver. This is a state of the art shaver. Braun Series 7 is innovative. With its 10,000 micro-vibrations, I can trim every piece of hair with precision. I can customize my shave depending on how I feel, my skin’s condition, or the area being trimmed because it has three modes to choose from. The modes are Extra Sensitive, Normal, or Intensive. Now I can shave my face, trim my sideburns, and perfect my mustache with one tool.

I can go on and on about the greatness of this shaver. It has an active lift ability to ensure that every hair is captured so that my skin is left feeling smooth. Even those difficult to shave areas like the neck are no longer a problem. The shaver’s head is contoured and able to easily adapt to the area being shaved. The head headlines and shapes itself to produce a close shave. Another time-saving feature on this best men’s electric shaver is the self-cleaning ability. The shaver will clean out the hairs, disinfect with an alcohol-based solution, recharge its battery to prepare for the next shave, lubricate the razors to help extend the life and comfort of the razors, and entirely dry the shaver so it is ready to use again. If I am in a rush and want to quickly rinse the shaver, then I quickly rinse the shaver under water and let it dry.