This may be the case of dogs that wallow in feces of other animals. It’s something that bothers you terribly, but it is a very common behavior among wolves and trying to disguise himself with the scent of their prey.

Instead, you should assume that some behaviors are normal, when actually they are indicating an emotional imbalance in your pet, that is, they are a symptom that something is wrong.

There’s no denying that cats and dogs are quite temperamental in nature which is why it becomes difficult them to pet them in the house so it is necessary to gauge this problem in the early stages and take the necessary steps in tackling it once and for all, which you can read more about in this article itself so let us see what the problems are alongside their solutions.

Behavior problems to be discussed are the following

Although dogs and cats are different animals in psychology in general as noted in these articles for dogs can also be applied to cats.

What to do if you find in your pets any of these behavioral problems?

In the various articles you will see that scolding and punishment, especially untimely or poorly applied, not only does not serve to solve the problem but will tend to cause more. This happens because there are usually enough to stop your dog’s feet or to modify their behavior, and also it gets your attention, which leaves its bad behavior rewarded.

If your pet has any of these disorders (especially that of aggression, which is the most serious and could have worse consequences if not resolved on time) you must turn to a trainer as soon as possible, i.e., an expert in canine behavior and/or feline.

This person must correctly diagnose the cause for which your pet behaves in this way and that address not only behavior but also its cause, to make sure that there are no subsequent relapse. This is essential along two lines:

The education of your pets, to improve understanding (communication) with the pet and to bring about educational solutions faster to their behavioral problems, so as to improve the living as soon as possible.

 During Education learn how to get them to behave better, using techniques and mode of communication. Good training has to get removed from their behavior all that you do not want to do, and obey you when you give the first order.

 The goal is to never have to fight for our animal, which coexistence is nicely done and stop having bad feelings at home.

In addition to the education of your pets, it is imperative to treat emotional level (with natural methods, never with drugs), the cause of its behavioral problems. In this way you will avoid future relapses and help your animal to feel better (not just to behave better.)