Tej Kohli Foundation is a non-profit organization which helps the poor people and rebuilding their life. The organization has become the center of most of the innovation and the development of new scientific technology, which helps in getting the solution for the major human problems which may end in total eye blindness. This organization helps the people get treated by using science and technology, which may help rebuild the people and the community and improve the lives of the people.

The organization helps poor people from all over the world and helps them in their problems and getting a life again. They have funded so many things, and the main motive of this organization is to provide the people better health and life.

Things are done by the Tej Kohli foundation

Here are some of the things that have been done by the foundation, which result in helping people in many ways. It gives the people a new way of living their life and helps in rebuilding them. Some of those things are mentioned above-

  • Corneal Blindness

The main part of this organization is that it helps people in getting the treatment of their blindness with the new technology. They also help people eliminate corneal blindness, which is according to the World Health Organization, 14 million people in India are blind. And if we talk about the world, then there are so many people that are suffering from this. The Tej foundation immediately starts working on eliminating blindness and helps poor people and communities. They have also funded so many medical institutes for this research to eradicate the problem.

  • Covid-19

As we all know that people have suffered so much because of these global crises known as the covid-19. But with the help of this organization, people get treated properly with the new technologies and the scientific method. People are now able to live a better life because of this organization. Even if we talk about the vaccine, then the Tej Organization has funded the Harvard Medical School for the research on the vaccine, which is the huge thing to get the things from the human cell to immune their body from this harmful virus.

  • Holiday Hunger in the UK

During the covid-19, people in the UK are stuck in their houses because of the lockdown. They do not have the money because they are not allowed to workas there were lockdowns. They do not have anything, and at that time, the ‘holiday hunger’ has become more pervasive. They have partnered with other organizations and target the resources to eliminate the hunger from the local communities.


From the above points, you may have got the idea that how the Tej organization has worked so much for the poor people and how they help in rebuilding their lives in a better way. This organization can be a very good example for all other non-profit organizations in helping the people.