Calling over the internet by the use of a broadband connection is termed VoIP. It is a great communication tool, particularly for businesses and larger organizations. Apart from being reliable and cost-efficient, the system has several other utility benefits for individuals and companies. But before I go ahead to tell you these advantages, let me give you a clear view of how do VoIP phones work.

The working of VoIP phones

VoIP works by converting your analog voice calls into data packets. These data packets run through the internet in the form of digital signals just like any other data; for example, email and text messages main communication possible. With the help of VoIP, you do not necessarily need a “phone” to make calls. You can either choose to connect with another person on the landline, cell phone, or directly from your computer to their computer. The charges in all the cases will, however, be much less than the traditional phone calling systems.

Equipment needed for VoIP

  1. A high-velocity internet connection, that is, a Broadband.

This can be achieved by any of the following tools:

  • DSL (Digital subscriber line)
  • Cable modem
  • LAN (Local area network)

  1. Computer

Before you start using the VoIP on your computer network, you need to first install the required software along with any microphone on it.

  1. Adaptor

There is no difference between using a normal adaptor and one with a VoIP. The service provider will allow you to dial and connect to people, and they may also offer you a dial tone.

  1. Specialized phone

The specialized VoIP phones get plugged in directly to your Internet and broadband connection, and you can use and operator it just like any other traditional phone.

5 Advantages of Managed VoIP Services

  1. Simpler Management

The setting of traditional phone service at your institution/business/company requires a lot of effort. Give me for staff to contact the technicians to get the equipment installed, and then a lot of time is wasted and the process installation. And even if it does get installed correctly, that can be problems when you need to make any changes. All these troubles can be easily eliminated with the help of managed VoIP services.

  1. Contact Center Benefits

If the customer care services of your business or organization are conducted on the phone line, then hosted VoIP Services can help to simplify this task. This is done by providing 24 hours support system and connecting hundreds of customer care executives to clients and buyers on the internet with minimum network issues.

You can expect the following services when you get hosted VoIP Services that support your contact center needs. However, you may have to charge an extra amount for the same.

  • UC – Unified communications
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • IVR that is, Interactive voice recognition
  • Smarter call routing
  1. Add-on Features
  • Data Integration
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Interactive Voice Recognition
  • Remote Management
  • Chat

  1. Flexibility and Scalability

Using the traditional analog phone calling system and adding another phone line to communicate is not always easy. You may end up spending hours getting the setup installed, and still, it won’t work in a smooth and efficient manner. It can even be very annoying, irritating, slow, costly, and frustrating. The flexibility and scalability of Managed VoIP Services are comparatively much higher than this. After all, it would be best if you had a handset and the ability to work on technology.

  1. Data Integration

Lastly, creating a positive customer experience is all about effective communication and faster query solving. Managed VoIP services help you to communicate with your customers through various mediums like social media websites, emails, and other such online means. All these things ultimately help you to grow your business with ease and perfection.