Nebula Vaping is a family-owned and operated craft E-Liquid shop located in Downtown Mesa, AZ. All of our E-Liquids are handcrafted to recipes we have created, tried, and tested ourselves. This way, we know that we are delivering great quality in each and every bottle.

All of our E-Liquids are made at a 30/70 PG/VG mix. Our organic E-Liquids are always put through ‘active rest’ for three weeks before we declare them ready for our customers. This allows our flavors time to blend and unwind giving you a richer, deeper more flavorful vape every time! We insist on producing quality products for our customers at every step of the process that is why we mix, store, bottle, and sell our E-Liquids in glass vessels.

Because we craft all of our own vape liquid and allow them to ‘active rest’ for three weeks before we consider them ready for our customers, we limit our flavors to 8-10 and change them seasonally.

Why We Use Glass Bottles

We insist on producing quality products for our customers at every step of the process. We mix, store, and bottle our e-Liquids in glass vessels. The advantage of glass over plastic is the quality of the material. Glass has the purity of structure that makes any interaction with the stored liquid impossible. Plastic on the other hand is known to alter the properties of certain e-Liquids. Glass is nonporous and impermeable, so there are no interactions between our glass bottles and our e-Liquid to affect the flavor.

Glass has an almost zero rate of chemical interactions, ensuring that our e-liquid inside our glass bottles keep their strength, aroma, and flavor. Glass bottles also have the great advantage of preserving a certain temperature for a longer period of time. They do not dilate when it is too warm or shrink when exposed to lower temperatures. Lastly and most importantly, glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. ( Which is why at Nebula Vaping we offer a bottle recycling program. Bring us your empty e-Liquid bottles and earn points with us that will lead to in-store discounts and upgrades!

Active rest is a proprietary process that we perform here at Nebula Vaping. Many companies in the industry, including ourselves, used the term ‘steeping.’ We have found, however, that this term is not entirely accurate for what we here at Nebula Vaping do. In order to make our E-liquids ready for our customers, we conduct a three-week-long process of what we call ‘active rest’; meaning our bottles do not just simply sit in a cold dark place. Instead, with a regiment of varying movement, we luxuriate them into perfection -like getting a massage on the beach, active rest is better than simply sitting on the beach.