Do you want to create a farming account for the mobile game Rise of Kingdoms? You came to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to start your Rise of Kingdoms farming account. Without further ado, let’s get started on our rok guides:

The best faction for farming in ROK

This decision is normally determined by whether you are spending money on the game or playing for free. There are factions or kingdoms in the game that have some slight advantages for farming, however, they will certainly be lagging in different aspects of the game. If you are willing to spend money on the game, you will be able to easily have great results regardless of the nation that you choose to play as. As such, you can opt for a nation that you want to play.

Nations with bonuses to farming

Spain is a good farming nation as soon as your resource buildings hit their 20s due to the bonuses they receive. However, Spain is lacking when it comes to farming in the earlier phases of the game.

Rome has a 10 percent bonus speed for gathering food, which is really handy when you are just beginning the game. Meanwhile, Byzantium’s 10 percent bonus speed is more handy as the game goes on. Japan is a good choice if you want to farm gold more than the other resources.

If you want to have an advantage in farming, France is the nation that we recommend you to start with. France has a bonus of 10 % wood gathering, and wood is the resource that you will primarily need early in the game. This provides France a good head start in the beginning phase, coupled with their unique commander, Joan of Arc. France’s epic commander, Joan of Arc, provides a bonus to gathering with the downside of not being great for PvP or PvE. Joan of Arc will provide you with plenty of resources with the aid of her passive skill, The Maid of Orleans. That skill provides bonus gathering rate and extra load for your nation’s armies.

Speaking of commanders, you should prioritize getting Gatherer Commanders due to the various bonuses that they provide to your resource generation. Joan of Arc is not a gatherer, so you should seek out other Gatherer Commanders.

What is the best use for your gems

Irrespective of your kingdom selection, VIP levels should be your most important priority when it comes to spending your gems. Every VIP level improves your standard resource generation. It also provides boosts to the speed in which you gather resources. You should aim to get to VIP 6 restriction that as quickly as you can since this is the VIP requirement to unlock another builder. having a second builder will be a massive boost to your progress in Rise of Kingdoms. VIP 10 is the next level in which you will get the most benefit, however, it will be hard to get that if you do not plan to spend money on the game.

Army, building and barbarian objectives

You should also pay attention to the composition of the troops that you field if you want to farm as efficiently as possible. Having a good army composition will allow you to get resources by raiding other kingdoms, and you can even attempt to conduct a raid on your farm kingdoms on your main account. You should also prioritize building the Trading Post building since it will allow you to move your resources and items to your other accounts, which is the main purpose of why you are operating a farming account. You shouldn’t think about the tax rate too much since it will reduce the further you progress along the game.

Last but not the least, you must try to complete the barbarian clearing missions on the map. By doing so, you can earn gems for free, which can then be invested in your VIP level. as stated earlier in this article, it is important to increase your VIP level. you will also be provided with resource packs if you defeat an army using Peacekeeping Commanders with the Trophy Hunter talent.