While words can indeed work wonders when they are articulated in the right way, photos, on the other hand, have a more profound talent. We see that photos and words go hand in hand in portraying a wanted message. As it is often said, an image can say a thousand words. 

Due to the magnificent power of photos, it is important to become aware of simple tips and tricks that greatly enhance images. This is most especially true if you have a profession that requires you to communicate online through the use of images. 

Here are some Photoshop tips that you can start off with to build your skill:

  1. Transform

The transform tool lets you rotate, distort, flip, or change the size of your image. You can access the Transform tool as you click CTRL + T or click Edit on the Photoshop menu bar and then choose Transform. 

As you do so, a bounding box will appear on the edges of your image. This indicates that you can now resize the images. You can do so by clicking and dragging the small dots that appear on the edges of the bounding box. 

If you want to flip or rotate the image, you can activate the Transform tool through the methods that we just talked about then right click on the image. A few options for flipping and rotating the image will appear. Click the action that you want to take and then press Enter. 

You can distort the image by placing the cursor on whichever direction you want the image skew on. Do this right after you activated the Transform tool. To finalize the distortion, click Enter. 

  1. Magic Wand Tool

The magic wand tool is an excellent Photoshop device when you are working with images that have monotone or consistent backgrounds. 

People often use this tool when they want to switch the colors of a background or if there are huge blocks of color that they want to replace or remove. 

To use this tool, you simply need to click the Magic Wand tool and then select the part of the image that you want to collectively modify. 

If you want to remove the selection, simply press backspace or delete from your keyboard. Once you do, you can also replace it with other background colors. Simply click the bucket tool and then click your selection once again. 

  1. Magnetic Lasso Tool

This works sort of like the magic wand tool. The only difference is the additional flexibility you get with this one. 

The magnetic lasso tool is also an easy selection function that lets you trace and outline the part of the image that you want to edit. When you select a part of an image through the magnetic lasso tool what you are basically doing is separate this part of the image from the rest. 

This means if a particular part of the image is selected through the magnetic lasso tool, when you paint or erase something from your Photoshop canvas, this selected area will be the only that’s affected. No matter how many times you try to paint the other parts of your image, the result will not reflect on the canvas. This is most especially helpful when you are wanting to delete a section of the image without having to compromise the entirety of the photo. 

  1. Spot Healing Brush Tool

This tool is most useful for people who edits pictorial shots and mug shots for a living. You can also use it if you want to look gorgeous in your latest social media post. 

To access this tool, go to the tool bar and then select and long press the brush tool. Select Spot Healing Brush Tool. Right clicking your mouse will let you adjust the size of the brush. It would be best to keep the tool a bit bigger than the spot that you want to modify. 

Of course, there is a lot more tips and tricks that you’d need to learn to become a Photoshop master but practicing the four techniques indicated in this article is the first step into doing so. As soon as you master the ones we wrote here, you’ll be on your way to creating the most profound images. Go ahead and get your adobe photoshop download for mac now!