As mentioned earlier in explaining what is stress, the stress is primarily a set of reactions when our bodies face a new situation or threat. These reactions were set up during the evolution so that we can survive to these changes or threats.

While taking the CBD oil for anxiety, you need to follow some steps to have the desired results. The reactions with the body are the best one to provide relief from anxiety and other issue. There is removing of anxiety from the body to have the desired results. There is meeting of the needs and requirements of people. 

Stress, far from being harmful in itself, can be very useful and has allowed our ancestors to avoid many dangers. However, at the exhaustion phase, stress can be really harmful and cause physical or mental illnesses. (Different phases of Stress)

Therefore, we must find ways to act and adjust to the different situations as well as to better manage the stress. In general, stress management go through the following steps:

1) You have to be aware of its harmful side effects: headache, heart, stomach, asthma, etc. For the body is not separated from the mind: psychological discomfort leads most of the time to physical discomfort. We know for example that a sustained stress weakens our immune system as it fights continually to adjust to the stressor.

2) You must then learn to recognize sources of stress in our lives. For example, excessive work, time restraints, financial difficulties and school which is a stressful point most often reported by young people (especially oral presentation and examination). Chronic stress comes mostly from the family environment, in particular communication difficulties.

3) You must understand your reactions to stress and understand which are good and which are harmful for you. The three most common reactions to stress are opposite: paralysis, assertiveness and aggressiveness. Contrary to what many people think, it is not aggressive reaction but the paralysis that is most harmful to the body. To be paralyzed and have dark thoughts is the worst thing to do. Instead, if you divert your aggression and unwind at a party or by practicing a sport can be beneficial for you.

4) For each stressor, you must try and find a stress relief. If it’s the novelty that you fear (eg moving), you can see familiar faces, create small rituals and routines, if it’s the overload (eg, job and study), you can establish priorities or delegate responsibility, if it’s the frustration (eg harassment), you can arrange a meeting to express its position.

There are also many other ways to relieve stress. For example, relaxation, meditation or yoga can be good ways for people to be less active temperament. Instinctive methods can also help such as laughing, crying, yawning, etc. In addition, anything that involves creativity is a good reliever: music, painting, writing, etc. But all those techniques will be further discussed in this blog.

Finally, it is the attitude of the person facing the stressful situation that determines whether the stress is positive or negative because stress has a lot to do with the impression of having chosen or not a given situation.