There are many ways to housetrain your puppy. You can do it the “old fashioned” way by taking him out often and each time he eats, or you can use one of the housetraining aids. There are a variety of housetraining aids on the market, from housetraining pads to odor source locators to housetraining litter. It may take some trial and error to find the method that is right for your puppy. You may even find that your puppy needs a combination of housetraining aids. Whatever the case, patience, love and lots of encouragement will help our puppy learn to do his business where you want him to, whether it is outside or in a certain spot.

Housetraining Pads

Housetraining pads have a plastic or waterproof backing so that moisture does not leak onto the floor, and an absorbent pad that acts as a sponge and keeps your puppy’s business on the pad and not your rug. Many of the housetraining pads have material in them that are similar to disposable diapers for babies.

They are super absorbent and are usually scent treated so that your puppy is encouraged to go on the pad. Some people swear by housetraining pads and others scoff at their effectiveness. Again, it really depends on the dog as to whether or not it is effective. If you decide to give it a try, place the pad in one area and always keep a pad in that area so that the puppy gets used to doing his business in that one spot. If you want to teach him to go outside, place the pad by the door first, then move it outside as he becomes accustomed to using it.

Odor Housetraining Aids

If the housetraining pads don’t do it for you, you may want to try an odor housetraining aid. You simply spray the odor (that is usually not detectable by human noses) in the spot where you want your puppy to go and he will be attracted to the scent which will encourage him to go in that spot. Some puppies take to this quite well while others never quite get it. If you decide to go this route, show him the spot often, especially after he has eaten and shower lots of praise when he goes in that area (whether you have directed him there or not). Lots of positive reinforcement, regardless of the housetraining method, will reward you with a better trained dog.

Housetraining Litter

Housetraining litter is basically a litter box for your dog. You can purchase the dog litter separately or there are housetraining kits available, complete with a leak resistant litter box. Some varieties of dog litter are scented with an odor housetraining aid, while others are unscented. You may choose to purchase the odor housetraining spray and use it in conjunction with the litter until your puppy gets used to using the litter box. The benefits of the sprays are available with the experts at sites, check it out now for proper information. The sprays should not provide any harm to the dogs while providing the training. 

This type of housetraining is a good option for dogs that are exclusively indoors or who are home alone for periods of time while their owners are at work. Again, lots of praise and encouragement will make your housetraining efforts a success. If you don’t seem to be getting anywhere, you should talk to your vet. There may be a medical reason for your puppy’s inability to housetrain.