A question that children never ask themselves is, “why is nutrition important?” That thought never really crosses most people’s minds until they are preparing for graduating high school.

At least that was my story. The sad truth is that plenty of people out there never truly ask this question, take the time to seek out answers, and TAKE ACTION. If you are reading this article on nutrition right now, I applaud you because you are investing in yourself. You are among the few.

To fully understand the magnitude of nutrition and eating healthy read this Testogen review. Else you can google the biggest nutrition company out there. They’ve been assigned to construct the world’s tallest building (which as of the time of this writing is the Burj Dubai, which stands at 2, 684 feet).

As they embark on the journey to break construction records, they begin to assemble all of the materials they need to create this behemoth.

They decide that they a few of the many things they need are concrete, steel, glass, and wood – however, the only supplies they can scavenge are sticks, mud, leaves, and water. Are you getting the drift here?

The human body is infinitely more complex than you can possibly imagine. Are you beginning to figure out some answers to why is nutrition important?

The foods you eat make up your body. The platitude, “You are what you eat,” is dead on. The lining in your stomach is replaced every few DAYS. The cells in your body are continually being replaced.

Approximately every year over 99% of the cells in your body have been replaced by new cells.

Basically, your body is a dynamic process that is continually creating and eliminating cells. You cannot control if you want to keep or get rid of these new cells.

You can give your body exactly what it needs to efficiently replace the cells of your body. The quality and health of those cells are directly dependent on a few different things, nutrition being one of the most important.

So, if you’re a construction crew, what do you want to build your next skyscraper with? Sticks and mud? Or, the highest quality materials on the face of the Earth?

I once had a friend named Dave. He was clueless about anything related to nutrition and had never thought of reading an article on nutrition. He never asked himself, “Why is nutrition important?” He didn’t care about eating healthy. He looked at me awkwardly when I would eat an apple.

I don’t want you to be a Dave. I want you to ask yourself repeatedly, “Why is nutrition important?” Let’s do it together, “WHY IS NUTRITION IMPORTANT?” Good…

A typical daily meal schedule consisted of sugary cereal or doughnuts for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and burgers and fries for dinner. Not to mention the TWO LITERS OF REGULAR SODA he would drink per day.

Honestly, he would drink regular Cola straight out of a Two Liter bottle on a daily basis. Can you imagine the hell he was putting his body through? All of this was on top of 3 or more beers per night and a pack and a half of cigarettes per day. Let me tell you, your body is incredibly intelligent.

It knows how to get rid of toxins, nourish your body, build and repair muscle tissue, regulate your sleeping, eating, and breathing cycles – and so much more!

At 30 years old, Dave looks like he’s approaching 50 years old. The strange thing is, I’m a health nut and I know exactly how to fix his approach to overall wellness, but nothing I can ever tell him will change his mind.

The only way he will ever change is when HE decides to. I’m assuming that will happen after his first heart attack or when he is diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

But who knows? People can be incredibly stubborn sometimes. If Dave ever dared to seriously ask, “Why is nutrition important?” I guarantee you his life would be insanely different.

I don’t just mean physically. I mean mentally, emotionally, financially, and even spiritually. I’m a believer that the mind and body are one. For instance, try smiling and thinking about how much your life sucks. No really, try it!

Impossible, huh? The mind and body are one. If you give your body what it needs, when it needs it, and in the amounts it needs – you will experience sustained healthy energy and more PASSION in every area of your life.

I personally guarantee this. There is nothing I am more certain about in my life as to the importance of treating your body with respect.

Humans are creatures of habit. You either grab a candy bar or you grab an apple, usually completely unconsciously. For the most part, YOU ARE ON AUTO-PILOT!

How would this help us answer, “Why is nutrition important?”

The key to long-term change is thus going to work on interrupting your current habits and systematically replacing them with healthy, positive habits. My friends and clients ask me about how I stay on track.

Most of them seem to tell me can’t seem to keep up their diet. They either give in and abandon their diet completely or binge incessantly and ruin all of their hard work. I tell them the key to my success is that I don’t think about it.

They usually look at me with a perplexed look, and I tell them that I have established certain HABITS related to what I eat. When I’m hungry I go for an apple with peanut butter, without thinking about it! One of my all-time favorite quotes is, “Set it and forget it.”