War and Order is considered as an ultimate game based on real-time strategy, castle building, and tower defense genre. When you begin to play this game, then you are able to take part in the real-time battles with real players from different regions. In addition to this, you can also join or create alliances to get help from other players during the battles. The main goal of the players is to become one of the powerful kings. 

Make a good strategy to perform better against the opponents. You should stick to this strategy to succeed in the game. Here we are also going to mention the top best tips, tricks, and hints to help the beginners –

Complete quests 

If you are new to this game, then you should learn why it is important to follow the quests. On the other hand, players who are familiar with this genre know very well about the importance of quests.  They should try to complete the quests as more as they can to grab rewards. Complete one quest and then go for the next one. By doing this, you can earn a good number of rewards that will give you in-game resources and currencies. Keep following the quest, and it will help you to stay on track.

Upgrade your empire 

It is crucial for players to make upgrades to the empire to gain several advantages. It is important for players to keep focusing on the construction work for making a strong empire as compared to other players. You should always do something with your kingdom, and it may help to confuse the opponents. Try to train the troop so they can fight against the rivals in a better way. Keep playing the game and try to learn new strategies and tricks to boost up your winning chances. It is an essential trick that you should always remember while playing the game.

Join an alliance 

Players should also opt to join an alliance with which they can get several benefits. It can help them to complete the construction work quickly. In addition to this, players can also save up a lot of time, which they can use later to train the army. It is also a beneficial tip for beginners who are facing issues while constructing the structures or buildings. Never forget about this tip as it is really advantageous for beginners to enhance their skills. When you join an alliance, then you are able to get assistance from other players in an easy manner.  

Make use of gems smartly 

When you play War and Order for PC, you can earn castles only from your main castle. You can’t acquire a good number of gems, so it is important to spend them wisely. You shouldn’t spend gems to speed up the construction tasks. Instead of doing all these things, you should save up gems for defending the sudden attacks and other important things.