Buying and growing marijuana seeds have become a regular activity for many people. Once you have all the essentials for growing cannabis at home, growing marijuana can be a breeze. The tricky part is choosing high-quality genetics that will work well in your particular growing environment. For the result of the purchase of your cannabis seeds to be a success, you must consider certain aspects. Here we share eight essential tips when ordering cannabis seeds online.

Choosing a reliable seed bank

There are many seed banks, but always remember to research to find the best seed banks. A reliable cannabis seed bank has a good reputation for delivering on time and offering quality products. Buying in well-known places will give you greater confidence that you are buying a good quality product.

Prioritize quality

Seeds in a dispensary are entirely different from leftover seeds in a past sack. The leftover seeds can be hermaphroditic, prone to genetic diseases, weak and unable to germinate. Unlike immature and old seeds, healthy ones do not have cracks and are dark brown with a glossy finish.

The type of seed

Deciding on the type of seed can help you determine how much care your plants will require. Feminized seeds will result in female plants. Regular seeds, on the other hand, will produce both male and female marijuana plants. These seeds are easy for beginners to grow, although they do need sexual identification. 

Simplicity and care

If it is the first time you will have a crop, the most advisable thing is to have simple seeds and once you have experience, leap those that are of more excellent flavour, production and quality.

Indoor or outdoor

It is essential to consider whether you will grow indoors or outdoors since you will have to choose between one and the other marijuana seeds depending on the crop type. If you want to be successful in your production, you must pay close attention to this point.

Prepare enough grow space.

It is vital to know the space requirements when buying cannabis seeds to grow. When choosing seeds to buy, there is a specific estimate of how much space you will need. Sativa generally grows taller than Indica, so keep this in mind when preparing to manage room for your seeds to grow. 

Look for offers

If you are a severe grower who wants to buy many cannabis seeds, it makes sense to look for bargains without compromising your principles of high-quality genetics. Look for online stores that offer fantastic discounts. Just make sure the cannabis seeds have quality genetics and that they will work in your grow room. 

Reliability of the website

Many cannabis growers regularly buy their cannabis seeds online and have done so for many years. Read the online reviews. See if the seller offers you 100% after-sales service. Read all the terms carefully. You don’t want to spend months of your time growing poor quality seeds. Select a seed bank with a proven track record of innovation, excellence, reliability, and customer service.