When it comes to capsule machine production, the pill press machine is an essential component. However, for a pill press machine to be truly effective, customizing it with different molds and dies can make all the difference. Here we’ll provide you with some tips on how to customize your pill press machine with different molds and dies.

What are moulds and dies?

Moulds and dies are tools used to form raw materials into finished products. They come in two parts – the die, which forms the part, and the mould, which holds the material while the die forms it. The combination of moulds and dies creates complex parts or components with intricate designs on their surfaces. In the case of capsule machines, these moulds and dies help to form capsules into different sizes and shapes to meet specific customer requirements.

How to choose the right moulds and dies for your capsule machine

Choosing the right moulds and dies for your pill press machine is critical to ensuring quality output. It’s important to consider factors such as size restrictions, desired features, complexity of design, cost effectiveness, etc. before selecting a set of moulds and dies for your pill press machine. In addition, you can also look at existing products produced by other manufacturers to get ideas on what type of product you should produce with your own pill press machine.

An overview of the manufacturing process for making moulds and dies

Before going into detail about the manufacturing processes involved in making moulds and dies for a pill making machine, let’s first understand what happens during the process: Firstly, metal rods are cut into different lengths as per the customer’s requirements; then these metal rods are heated to make them malleable; finally, they are moulded using a special device called ‘die casting’ which helps to form them into intricate shapes & sizes as per the customer’s specifications. This entire process is automated & requires no human intervention whatsoever to ensure a quality output every time!

The benefits of customising your pill press machine with different moulds and dies

The benefits of customising your pill press machine with different moulds & dies include: increased productivity through mass production capabilities; improved flexibility when creating new designs or adapting existing ones; reduced costs by minimising wastage through reusable tooling materials; improved presentation through higher levels of detail achieved on each product produced; improved safety as well, as well-designed tools reduce the risks associated with improper handling techniques & manual operations performed during manufacturing processes. All these benefits make the customisation of your tablet presses well worthwhile!

Tips on how to properly install new moulds and dies on your pill making machine

Once you have selected new moulds & dies for your pill presses, there are certain steps that need to be taken to properly install them on the machine itself: Ensure that all the necessary tools (drill bits / allen keys / wrenches) are available prior to installation; carefully measure the dimensions so as not to interfere with any existing components within the equipment before placing them in place; check the alignment between the pieces using calipers or other precision measuring devices if necessary – this will help to ensure accuracy throughout the installation process; tighten the screws securely once installation is complete, but be careful not to over-tighten as this could damage delicate components within the machinery itself! Finally, test newly installed parts by running samples through the equipment at least twice before putting it into full operating mode – this will give you peace of mind that everything has been done correctly!


Customising your capsule machine with different moulds & dies can prove beneficial if done correctly – from increasing productivity & reducing costs to improving safety standards & presenting better results overall! So don’t hesitate – get started today by learning more about these important components that make up today’s capsule machines!