Sugar Sync is a service that will automatically backup your important files and make them accessible anywhere as long as you’ve got an Internet connection. It takes advantage of technology which is commonly known as “The Cloud”. What it means is that instead of having to be attached to a physical hard drive in order to access files, you can access files via Internet from a wide number of devices. There are a lot of benefits of using a cloud hosting service such as Sugar Sync, and it is definitely something worth considering if you’re someone who accesses files in different places with different devices often. The goodcloudstorage services will provide speedy recovery of the files and data that has been lost. The use of the services can be done at different devices as per the compatibility of the electronic software.

Sugar Sync automatically syncs files or folders across multiple computers. These files will be waiting for you whenever you turn your computer on. What this means is that if you work at home and in the office, you can set up Sugar Sync to automatically upload files from both computers so you can work on them wherever you are at that time. Having your files hosted away from a physica hard drive protects against crashes. Real-time backup of all your files lets you know valuable work will not be lost. And even better, Sugar Sync saves the last 5 versions of your files so if a crash does occur you know you can find multiple copies of your files. Another use of Sugar Sync is that having your files on a cloud makes migrating them to a new computer extremely easy. You don’t have to burn CDs or use a flash drive. All of your files have been backed up as they are created so you don’t have to dig for them when the time comes. Simply turn on your new computer, connect it to the Internet, and voila!

In addition to working with computers, you can use any mobile device to access your fils as well. This means documents, photos and music. Apps are available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones, Blackberry phones, Windows Mobile devices, and Symbian. All of these apps are free. When viewing documents through your phone, the data is optimized for mobile viewing, streaming and editing. Don’t worry about clumsy documents and the inability to edit them at crucial times. Sugar Sync is great for mobile phones because it keeps your important documents from taking up space on your phone’s memory card. That space is important, and should be used for games like Angry Birds. A similar benefit can be found for netbooks, which typically have less capacity than a laptop. Sugar Sync frees up your hard drive so you don’t have to worry about filling it up or slowing it down with all your documents.

Some other nifty features of Sugar Sync include the ability to share folders with friends and colleagues. This is a great way of sharing work documents within an office, or sharing photos and videos with family. If you want, create a password so only authorized people can access it. You can also choose whether files can be edited by other users or whether they can only be viewed. Sugar Sync also organizes photos and online albums for viewing and sharing. So your family and friends don’t have to sift through all your photos to find the ones that they want. Lastly, you can use Sugar Sync to stream music to any browser or iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Blackberry device. This is a great way to save space on your phone and still access all your music at home.