When it comes to loyalty, it is difficult to trust humans as they are well known to backstab anyone at the first opportunity and the relationship and attachment that one person has for another is purely based on a selfish motive.

But can you say the same for animals? Well, in a word, no as you cannot get any example of it anytime. The world is occupied by two kinds of living beings- humans and animals where the former hold fort and call the shots the latter are mere subordinates in their service but have an equal contribution at where the world stands today.

While there are many animals that are high up on the list in terms of faith and loyalty, dogs are the undisputed winners and stand head and shoulders above all and for good reason which we will discuss about now.

Dog Trouble

Today we are going to talk about a special breed of dogs called pug, which are quite famous although they are mainly of a playful nature but nevertheless, their usefulness is as relevant as any other.

Pug is considered to be quite an intelligent breed along with Labrador but not seen in the same league than their larger in size counterparts but they are important enough to merit an article of their own.

Most of you must be familiar with dog trouble as how they can cause ruckus and pandemonium in the house if their demands are not met but pugs are of a different kind as they love to be pampered but never become spoiled simply because they never toe out of the line.

They are not as temperamental as say a German shepherd or a Pomeranian and as a result never throw tantrums about wanting their favorite goodies like kids though they do have a mischievous streak up their alley.


They are way shorter than bulldogs and are usually soft nature wise though they can become quite aggressive if provoked beyond measure. Anyone with even the slightest bit of knowledge about dogs will not want to be in the bad books of a pug because they can be quite nasty to the people they hate.

On a positive note, while it is difficult to make them angry, it is far easier to pacify their temper, which is one of the biggest reasons why they are so loved and adored by dog lovers.

They have unique skin color that is dark brownish with small claws along with a droopy and muzzled face, a description that perfectly fits the cartoon characters Droopy and his son Dripple.

An important characteristic that separates it from other breeds is that the temperatures of dogs’ noses fluctuate day to day and it has nothing to do with the room temperature or climate.

Dog Care Tips

It is difficult to analyze the importance of pug dogs in our lives and many owners vouch for the fact that they are able to easily connect with their small children and are the perfect playmate for them at that age without resorting to anything bad.

Therefore, it also becomes the duty of owners to take care of their dogs and treat them as family members and that is what we are going to write about with the help of the following points on how to do so:

  • Make the house neat and clean with saliva proof items as all dogs have a bad habit of drooling all the time and are known to bite and chew any object that comes within the reach of their sharp teeth and it can be dangerous for them to swallow items like dirt, poison, phenyl cleaned floor, etc.
  • Dogs are vulnerable to skin infections so take care to groom them at regular intervals like bathing, brushing, eye cleaning, maintaining wrinkles
  • Always have tight harness as lease but not collars as they can choke them and leave scars with a blood clot
  • Always feed the pug with healthy and nutritious food with a healthy diet like pedigree and dog treats to keep him active and agile
  • Like every living being in existence, make sure that it drinks lots of water as it is a basic necessity and will keep him in a good mood