Is your exercise regimen dependent on the weather? I know from experience that when the weather is bad, that’s a great reason to skip the trip to the gym. Some people find it hard to get off their beds and do something especially if the weather is cold.

Are you more into cardio or looking out for Yoga burn? There are many ways through which you can keep a good shape both physically and mentally but Kettlebell Workout is a unique opportunity where you can look forward to something different, especially when it is a leading weight training process in the entire North America with numerous patrons from abroad as well and cold weather is an excuse that even I give out many times so one can imagine what others would go through.

I can’t blame them. I find myself in that state sometimes. However, there’s absolutely no reason to miss an exercise. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, there’s always something you can do in order to keep yourself fit. Good thing we have kettlebell weights.

But to be honest you don’t even need any type of equipment. All you need is a shot of motivation and a little creativity to get an anaerobic exercise going like lifting weights or power lifting, or a cardiovascular style aerobic exercise like rebounding, jogging or even walking.

In this video, Craig Ballantyne from Turbulence Training shares an exercise circuit which we can do with a simple Kettlebell. The circuit is composed of alternating Kettlebell swings with various bodyweight exercises such as pushups, squats, prisoner squats, mountain climbers, and lunges. You can have your own bodyweight exercise mixed in to the circuit. However, the point remains that there’s nothing that should stop you from working out.

The amount of space needed for this quick and dirty workout is about 6 feet by 6 feet. So basically all you need is an empty room or some space in your garage. Personally I have a gym membership but I also have my own home gym setup in case I can’t make my workout one day or the gym is closed when I can workout.

This makes it nearly impossible for me to ever ever miss my workout routine. There’s no excuses going on in my household for skipped workouts. When I go to my gym I typically walk 15 minutes there and 15 minutes home while listening to health and motivational lectures on my ipod. This gives me a good warm up and really gets my heart pumping and my blood circulating. Not to mention mentally prepared for an intense workout.

But you may ask, why kettle bells? Well, to start, kettle bells don’t cost as much. There’s no need for expensive equipment, all you need is a small space. Again, you can do this indoors which means that having bad weather is not an excuse to skip a workout.

Here are additional reasons why you should be working out with kettlebells:

It gives you versatility. Kettlebell workouts have different kinds of lifts, grinds and ballistics. If you want to work on your strength, you can do grinds. If you want to workout on your dynamic movements, do ballistics. If you want to improve both, then do both types of lifts.

They’re great because they use natural body movements. A bench press or isolated curl is just not a natural human movement.

It improves cardiovascular abilities. If you know a number of Kettlebell exercises, you can perform back to back exercises to perform circuits with minimal rest. Doing this will improve your performance and work capacity in a short time.

Having a greater lung capacity will help you not only in just about every sport there is but with life in general. Increasing the oxygen transfer between cells will help each cell be healthier from the cell membrane all the way down to the nucleaus and DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) which replicates into new cells.

Improvement in stability and flexibility. Exercises like the Turkish Getup will increase stability and flexibility, particularly around the shoulder. It may even fix shoulder weakness and pains. Not only does it improve these parts of our bodies but it improves, stamina, awareness, timing and dexterity.

Better grip strength. The nature of the kettle bell alone will allow you to improve your grip as part of the workout.

Using your hips. With the nature of kettle bell exercises, you will learn to use your hips. Using your hips properly will allow you to give more power. Powerlifters, martial artists, boxers and almost all sport take advantage of the power of the hip-snap. Doing kettle bell exercises will improve your hip-snap making it second nature in your movements.

Stronger hips also is good for all sports and prevention of osteoporosis and having weak bones.

As you can see, these are only a few of the advantages of using kettlebell weights.

Whether you use kettlebel weights or not, you should never miss a workout because of bad weather. If you get the Turbulence Training course there are hundreds of different exercises which you can do with no equipment in small spaces.

They’re great to use on the road or simply to take a small break from your normal gym routines. Muscle confusion is critical if you want to keep making gains in your health and overall fitness.