There have been many blog posts and online articles suggesting that Facebook is a better social networking website than Myspace and articles sharing How To Buy TikTok Fans or Followers in 2020. Such thoughts may stem from people who do not like Myspace at all. Others who recommend Facebook may be former members who were fed up with glitches and other problems from the competing popular social networking site. No matter how great or poor these websites may be, Myspace has new features that will help to maintain popularity among its users.

Friend Search

Myspace members who only have a dozen friends may not find difficulty in locating anyone. However, it is not easy for others who have hundreds or thousands of people on their friend’s list. One would have to manually sort through everyone individually to find a specific person. That can be tiresome and aggravating. Myspace has recently included new search features that make this task much easier.

Members of this social networking site can search through friends by the letter of their user name. The feature allows users to find their friends faster than before. Myspace members can also search through friends by age or online status. This is a great feature for musicians and others who may want to target specific people for parties and concert invitations. The online status feature makes it easier to find people to communicate with immediately

New Video Rating System

Myspace has re-launched its video section (now called Myspace TV) and added rating features. These changes may be part of an attempt to keep members from spending all of their video time on Youtube. The social networking site’s new video section has attracted more interaction among users. It features a new colorful layout that allows members to locate more videos. This has improved the exposure of videos that may have not been as popular as featured media on the site.

A movie trailer that I uploaded earlier this year had around 200 views in March. Many of these views occurred as a result of an online advertising campaign that was launched outside of Myspace. I recently noticed that the same movie trailer now has around 600 views. This is a significant increase that may have occurred due to the new re-launch and usability on Myspace. It is a great sign that the social networking site has improved.

News and Weather section

Many of the younger members may not care about these two new sections. However, the news and weather sections are very useful to Myspace users who search for this information throughout the day. Adding these features make it easier for members to remain on the website. There is no need to go elsewhere for more information on the news and weather.