For many of us, our back pain comes from sports injuries and if you’re an athlete, you might find that you suffer from back pain due to being athletic, but you should know that there are ways to prevent sports injuries and eliminate back pain from your life. Often, when we are participating in sports, we don’t take the time necessary to warm up and cool down properly. This can cause us to suffer from injuries which can lead to back pain; whether you hurt your knee and wind up walking differently than you ordinarily would, or you pull a muscle in your back, there are a number of different sports injuries which could lead to back pain.

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Take the time to stretch

You should always take the time to warm up before you work out. This will make sure that your muscles are literally warm, which makes them better able to absorb shock and stretch and prevents many different types of sports injuries that may cause you pain in your back. Consider a series of arm crosses, where you cross your arms across your body for a good, fluid stretch. You can also consider stretching your neck and hips by doing some hip circles. Also, for the knees, do knee circles and don’t forget to warm up your legs, as well.

You can also prevent many sports injuries by wearing the right clothing. If it’s cold out, you are going to want to make sure that your body can stay warm, which will help your muscles, especially those in your back to move more fluidly than they would if they were cold. By making sure that all of your muscles are warm, you can eliminate your back pain and prevent those sneaky sports injuries that so many of us suffer.

You should also be aware of conditions outside if you will be exercising or playing outdoors. Often, people can suffer from back pain when they slip on a patch of ice while jogging or go down on wet grass while playing football. If you are prepared for such conditions, you can keep a better eye out and avoid potentially hazardous situations. Wearing the right footgear can help keep you from having a fall and suffering from an injury to your back as well.

Cool down when you’re done, and stretch again

Often, when people are participating in any kind of exercise, they just stop when they are done. So, if you’re playing basketball and running and running, don’t just stop when the game is over. Take a few minutes to ease your heart rate back to normal and do some serious stretches. Sit down and stretch out your legs and back and take the time to ease yourself out of working out.

Going straight from your sport of choice to doing nothing will not only cause you to suffer from injuries and hurt your back, but it could cause you to feel back pain as a result of sore muscles that need to be stretched out. So, the next time you work out, make sure to get a good stretch in when you’re done so that you can avoid the pain associated with so many sports injuries.

Sports injuries happen to active people. Many of those injuries involve back pain. While this is common, it’s easy to fight your back pain by taking the right precautions and making sure to do what you can to avoid this type of injury and the back pain that can result.