Last Days texture pack makes your imagination of the apocalypse come true. A grayish world with a gloomy feeling can be a great twist in your Minecraft world and with a free Minecraft account generator you can create multiple versions in the game. Actually, this texture pack was firstly made by Doku but then continued by History. Many Minecraft games find this texture pack is awesome and quite detailed.

Just like another texture pack, it has certain mobs, particles, and environments for a new gaming experience. In the middle of a heated topic on last days, you can play Last Days texture pack in Minecraft to seek a more challenging game. If you are curious about what inside these texture packs, watch the video showing the features of the pack.

Last Days texture pack Minecraft 1.2.5 – Not the Real Last Day in Minecraft

There must be a certain picture in your mind when first hear about this Last Days texture pack. Well, actually this texture is all about the imagination of the last day when there is massive destruction.

Even so, do not imagine that this texture pack will be full of damaged buildings or destroyed environments. What you get is a decent building, but with gray and dim lighting. This is obviously used to give you the ambiance of the last day.

Last Days texture pack Minecraft 1.2.5 – How to Install Last Days Minecraft Texture Packs

To enjoy Last Days texture pack, you need to do some steps after find the Last Days texture pack download. Just like the basic steps on installing texture packs, type 5appdata% to go to the folder.

Open Minecraft.jar and put the files from the texture pack into .jar. Delete the META INF folder and run the game. After doing these simple steps, you are able to taste new experiences on Minecraft. So, if you are curious about how experience in Last Days texture pack will be, download it now!