We use transport to move from one place to another. Whenever we have to go somewhere nearby or even somewhere far, we take some transport to go there. It could be a two-wheeler cycle, bike, personal car, taxi, bus, or even metro for that matter. Time has witnessed how we humans have always found some way or the other to travel. Looking back at ancient times when there was no intention of anything like wheels, people also travelled using domestic animals. One of the most common animals to use as a transport method was horses, camels, and elephants. Though it would take a long time, still they were widely used. 

History of car evolution

So this was the scenario before 3500 BCE. After 3500 BCE, wheels were invented. People could use a combination of carts and animals to go from place to place. If you look at the cycle, the transformation of the way we move has never been stagnant. There has always been a slope upwards. On January 29, 1886, Carl Benz took the initiative of pioneering in the field. He made the world’s first car which worked with the help of gas. This was an evolution of car technology. After that, whatever latest additions that came into the cars genre has added up like a gem.

Initially, a car also meant a better version of a chariot. It had comfortable seating, four wheels, an engine, a steering wheel, and gears. A driver could control these. Initially, the cars had a limited range of speed, somewhere around forty to sixty kilometres per hour. Gradually with time, the cars git faster and more comfortable. These were additions such as easy gear shifting, fancy car designs. Cars with open sunroof become trendy in no time. All the famous personalities had one of those. There were famous car brands such as Chevrolet, Mercedes, ambassador, Cadillac, which entered the market soon a little after time. 

Change in technology

As time went by, the technology with which cars were equipped changed as well. Now there were in car air conditioners, radios, speakers, and much more. The recently launched cars are equipped with amazing features such as sensory protection, accident damage controlling airbags and cushions, parking sensor, automatic gear shifting technology, automatic fuel tank monitor, and much more. Cars can be a perfect example of how technology can be fitted anywhere. The best part about technology is that it only works to make human experiences more convenient.

Moreover, on top of it, the cars got faster and stronger. Now the cars can reach a hundred kilometres per hour within a few seconds of starting the engine. These cars are also called supercars. 

In particular, many of the essential technological driven advancements for driver’s support and enhance the driving experience is about to be introduced into the market. The way our way of commuting through cars has evolved in the last decades has been commendable. Everyone appreciates new technology, new cars that make driving a pleasure every time you sit in and turn the engine ignition on.