If you have a project that you want to manage quickly and easily and have many team members working on the same project or projects it might be time for you to try iTeamwork moreover you can add balanced scorecard template to make this management process more effective. This free web application can help you to keep your team members on task and up to date on the latest developments on your project(s). Although iTeamwork is free, they also offer other versions that do have a fee but are more advanced versions meant for businesses to buy and use at their own discretion. You can, however, stick to the free version and never pay a dime, iTeamwork doesn’t care which service you use.

iTeamwork is an application that is entirely web-based, where a project manager can go in through a web browser and keep track of all projects the organization has going. iTeamwork makes project management simple, you create a project, make a task, assign that task to someone, and then the system is backed by an email notification system that alerts everyone of updates on the project. They have focused the program on the ease of use and functionality so anyone can use it simply without taking a lot of time to learn the new system.The program is pretty simplistic, but it works for setting up projects and keeping track of what is happening. You can assign multiple users to projects and then they will be kept up-to-date on the project via email. There is a section that allows users to change the percent complete of the project to let everyone know more about the advancement of the project. You have a section for marking tasks complete so you can see how the business is getting things done. There is a reassign task that allows users to reassign tasks to other people, in case you need to change over to a new project. There is a view for users to go in and see what projects and tasks are assigned to them and a reminders section to allow users to remind themselves or others about upcoming tasks.

iTeamwork is a very basic program, but since it’s free why not use it. This program won’t get a lot of rave reviews but hey if you want a free system that will keep your team members in the know about projects and tasks this could be the program for you. It is run through a web browser which can be good and bad, good because any place you have internet you can access the program. iTeamwork run through a web interface could be bad because if you lose internet connectivity you can’t use the program and could possibly slow the work process. Since it is simple there isn’t a lot of extras that you can do with the program, you will be limited to a basic interface with minimal functionality. Other than all of that it’s free and you can use it as much as you want no limits.

iTeamwork also offers a version for $480 dollars where you can download the program and install it on your own web server so you can use it strictly within your intranet if you so choose. Or you can have iTeamwork host the program for you at the same cost of $480 dollars and they give you your own dedicated server and web address so you can access the program. This might be worth it, I don’t know how much better it would make the program, it’s so basic I doubt the money would be worth spending and I don’t think you will get much improvement in quality.

If you use the free version this is the software I recommend for a small business that doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on management tools and you have people working in many different locations on the same project. They can all just use the website to check on what is going on and what has been done, they will be reminded of upcoming events and tasks and you can manage your team more effectively. So go give it a try its free to use and maybe it will work for your needs, can’t beat free stuff even if it doesn’t work for you it won’t cost you anything to give it a try.