With the new year fast approaching, it is the time of year that people start to reflect and make their resolutions. Year after year, getting healthy and physical fit usually tops that list, but unfortunately it is often left unfulfilled when the heavy commitment that is involved gets realized and eventually the endeavor is forgotten.

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It seems harmless enough, until you take into account that most people equate this resolution with a gym membership, which is not only costly (especially with the majority requiring annual commitments), but also time consuming.

If your resolution this year is to get fit, we are here to show you exactly what you need to create a versatile, bare bones set up at home, that will provide with all the tools you need to accomplish your resolutions, and possibly decide if a gym membership is in your future.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are useful for beginners and advanced exercisers alike. They come in different resistance levels, which are usually represented by different colors, so you can choose what you need depending on your ability and what type of moves you’re doing. Rubberized resistance helps you build muscle just like hand weights, and these bands are easy to store and handy for traveling.

Exercise Ball

Exercise balls can be used alone for ab workouts, stability ball exercises, and stretches, or used with hand weights as a balance-challenging weight bench. Sitting on or lie across a stability ball, engages all the muscles in your core to keep yourself supported. A proper fitting ball will help you work your way to a toned body with better posture, more-defined abs, and a healthy spine with less back pain.

Yoga Mat

Not just used for yoga, these “exercise mats” are incredibly handy to cushion hard floors as well as to protect them during your workout. Great for floor exercises, they can also be rolled up and used for lumbar and neck support as well as a tool for stretches and warming-up.


A common misconception is that in order to get that really toned and sculpted body, you need to be using machines when exercising. That just simply isn’t true. While machines certainly do help you with your form while you exercise, it is nothing that a little effort can’t accomplish equally as well on free weights. Also the wide range of exercises that you are capable of doing is greatly increased for a fraction of the cost of multiple, bulky machines.

Heart-Rate Monitor

A very simple, but handy device, a heart-rate monitor keeps track of exertion levels, and calories burned, helping you chart fitness progress and feel more in command of your workouts.


While this might not seem like your standard exercise equipment, I am willing to be that if your New Years resolution is to get fit, then you are probably a novice; and there is nothing wrong with that. The laptop or tablet comes in so can you learn new exercises and watch instructional videos, teaching yourself proper form and minimizing the chance of injury.

Weight Bench

While not a necessity for the novice just starting out, it certainly is a handy piece of equipment to have as well a sight of motivation to follow through with your resolution. An adjustable weight bench will significantly increase the amount of exercises you can do from home, and many these days are manufactured with storage in mind.