Breeding sled dogs can be a profitable venture though it’s not really something that you can get into on w whim. Becoming a legitimate sled dog breeder requires that you educate yourself on every little aspect of what makes a good sled dog such as the list of foods dogs can eat and the best sledding equipment out there on the market. When breeding sled dogs you can just put a male and a female husky in a cage together and hope for the best; these days breeding has become a complicated science.

If you are interested in breeding sled dogs the first thing that you will have to do is research on sled dogs and the market for sled dogs. Finding out which dog breeds tend to be the most popular sled gods and which dog breeds are in the highest demand will help get you going in the right direction.

In order to start breeding sled dogs, you will also have to acquire two purebred dogs of the breed you have chosen, one male and one female. While many breeders have multiple breeds of dogs and more than one of each sex if you are just starting out you will want to keep things small until you learn the business. Some dog breeders are known for producing a certain type of sled dogs, such as a fast race dog or a strong work dog, and these tend to be the types of sled dogs that people will pay the most for.

Breeding dogs of a certain type takes a long time to get right but it can be highly profitable if you find the right genetic combination to produce the best sled dog. Many sled dog breeders also take it upon themselves to train the dogs as well, meaning that it could be a few years before they actually sell the dogs. Selling the dogs a few months after they are born is much easier but it is also less profitable in the long run.